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MedAire offers API integration and adds Crew Check
MedAire's API integration pushes data directly to flight departments, and its MedAire360 portal add-on Crew Check feature provides real-time communications to trigger critical alerts.
Crew Check enables MedAire clients to receive alerts proactively and to check in on colleagues.

MedAire is now offering its medical and security intelligence through a catalogue of application programming interfaces (API) that will directly integrate with a flight department's existing systems.

MedAire has a vast library of medical and security information updated regularly by a team of medical and security analysts. Getting this data into clients' hands provides critical advice when planning or reacting to possible threats to operations. Injecting relevant content where end users already work saves the steps and time it takes to log into another resource.

Collins Aerospace is the first to enable ARINCDirect flight planning subscribers with up-to-date assessments of the Covid-19 risks and restrictions that impact their planned destinations. 

“The partnership with Collins is the first example of the next evolution of our service. For over 35 years, our content and expert advice has been available to clients 24/7 through our portal and app or by calling our assistance centres. Today, with Collins, we are connecting clients to our unparalleled content by directly integrating with the tools they already use to plan and support their operations,” says CEO Bill Dolny.

MedAire's API integration gets data and relevant content into operators' hands that will assist them with planning and responding to possible threats without spending valuable time searching through other sources.

Dolny adds: “The industry relies on rich data and advice like our MedAire team works tirelessly to provide. By pushing this data directly to software clients for trip planning, clients can make instantaneous decisions. In addition, this real-time visibility of medical and security threats significantly improves a flight department's risk mitigation capabilities.”

MedAire has also introduced Crew Check, a new add-on feature to the MedAire360 portal that provides a real-time communications element to trigger critical alerts specific to a crew's location followed by advice from the MedAire assistance team.

Crew Check allows operators to quickly understand and assess their risk exposure. Operators receive alerts with actionable advice and can notify all critical contacts associated with an aircraft or crew affected by the alert and request a crew check-in with one click. If MedAire assistance is needed, operators can choose to send crew member details and information to MedAire directly through Crew Check.

“We understand how important crew safety is to business aviation operators today. The Crew Check feature will identify threats that may affect your crew anywhere in the world in a timely manner and add a layer of security that could be vital in a crisis situation,” says Dolny.

Additionally, Crew Check allows operators to track multiple communications, response and follow-up as needed and even archive communications for future reference.

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