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Daher Aircraft Inc.   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
SimCom appointed factory-approved Kodiak trainer
March 31, 2023
Daher unveils prop and flight deck upgrades for Kodiak 100
March 31, 2023
Daher signs up with firefighting specialists UAFA
March 10, 2023
Daher Kodiak and TBM families log record business
February 3, 2023
Daher recognises TBMOPA at its 2022 convention
October 1, 2022
More than 320 attendees were present in downtown Nashville, Tennessee for this month's TBMOPA convention with many owners arriving onboard 85 TBMs via Smyrna/Rutherford airport.
June 20, 2022FAA ticks Fargo Jet Center STC for retractable sensor mount
March 7, 20222021 sees strong sales for Daher's singles
January 1, 2022Héli-Béarne to deploy Kodiak 100 for military parachute tests
December 8, 2021Daher delivers Kodiak 100 number 300
June 2, 2021Kodiak 100 ticks all the boxes for Airborne Flying Service
April 11, 2021NeBeSci to push Kodiak 100 in the Philippines
April 4, 2021Kodiak 100 Series III lands with new owners
March 1, 2021GAMA's annual report reveals which types are on top
January 28, 2021Luy is just the guy to develop Daher training
December 28, 2020GAMA names its starting lineup for 2021
July 5, 2020Daher brings Kodiak support in line with TBM
May 17, 2020Daher adds to Asian sales outlets
May 1, 2020GAMA members gather to supply critical kit
April 28, 2020Daher's Kodiak comes to Sacramento's aid
April 12, 2020Costa Rican operator welcomes Kodiak 100 to fleet
January 20, 2020Daher's 2019 sales book reaches 68
October 25, 2019Daher completes Quest for US coverage
June 18, 2019TBM manufacturer brings Quest under its wing
March 19, 2019Quest names American Kodiak as authorised dealer
August 7, 2018Quest appoints authorised dealer in Africa
November 24, 2016Botswana Kodiak set to enforce anti-poaching initiative
October 7, 2015SkyQuest Kodiak undertakes tour
August 4, 2015Quest plans factory expansion
July 7, 2015Kodiak certified in Russia and Namibia
June 9, 2015EBACE debutant Kodiak gains a signature
November 6, 2014Kodiak will take Namibian scenic route
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