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Daher Aircraft Inc.   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
FAA ticks Fargo Jet Center STC for retractable sensor mount
June 20, 2022
FJC's FAA STC is granted for the Kodiak; other types will follow. The retractable camera mount is compatible with most ISR systems and can be contained within the cargo pod. A retractable door enables covert ops.
2021 sees strong sales for Daher's singles
March 7, 2022
Daher's aircraft division delivered 68 aircraft from its Kodiak and TBM single-engine turboprop product lines in 2021, along with record orders for another 50 of these aircraft to be delivered during 2022.
Héli-Béarne to deploy Kodiak 100 for military parachute tests
January 1, 2022
Having taken delivery of two Kodiak 100s at the beginning of the year, Pau-Pyrénéees-based Héli-Béarn now finds itself with a contract to perform paratroop drops so the French armed forces can test their parachutes.
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