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Duncan Aviation to develop STCs for Falcon ioniser
Duncan Aviation has partnered with Dassault Falcon Jet to develop STCs for its ACA ioniser in three Falcon aircraft. Each PMA package includes every screw, nut, bolt and switch necessary for the installation.
Duncan Aviation now provides installation of the Aviation Clean Air ionisation system and is a source for PMA packages that include the STC and all of the parts required for installation in three models of Dassault Falcon aircraft.

Duncan Aviation has developed supplemental type certificates (STCs) and installation packages for its Aviation Clean Air (ACA) ionisation system for three Dassault Falcon models: the 7X, 2000/2000EX and 900/900EX aircraft, including all EASy variants.

Duncan Aviation's engineering and certification services team, in collaboration with its organisation designation authorisation unit, has secured FAA approval for all three STCs and is now working on approvals from EASA, Transport Canada Civil Aviation and Brazil's Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil.

“We want to make it easy for our clients to keep the air in their aircraft as free of harmful pathogens and as fresh as possible,” says sales manager, modifications Nate Klenke. “Our development of multiple STCs with PMA (parts manufacturer approval) installation packages, along with the experience we've gained from numerous installations, makes Duncan Aviation an excellent choice for the installation, or the source for the PMA packages that include the STC and all of the parts required for installation.”

“Our sales teams are fielding calls from customers who are interested in this system because it is designed to neutralise harmful pathogens like those that cause COVID-19, so if customers want peace of mind as they fly, this is the system for them,” says manager of avionics install line Pat Mapes.

The ACA ionisers are designed to be installed in an aircraft's existing environmental control system and operate in the aircraft's ductwork. The ionised hydrogen molecules neutralise pathogens and remove allergens and unpleasant odours, including those from pets, cigarette and cigar smoke, engine exhaust, cooking and lavatories.

“Quotes for installing the ACA ionisation system have remained steady throughout the last year,” says senior avionics sales rep Steve Elofson. “We're hearing from clients who have scheduled maintenance events or who are already going to be in Lincoln, Nebraska, or at one of our other facilities. This is one of those upgrades that our clients do when they're here for another event.”

In May 2020, testing conducted by independent lab Innovative BioAnalysis found the ACA ioniser to be effective at rendering harmless the coronavirus that causes COVID-19. And as the cold and flu season begins, it's good to know that it also deactivates other viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens such as those that cause the common cold, flu (swine, avian, etc), MRSA, C diff (clostridium difficile), E coli, pneumonia, polio and mould.

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