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Rudd joins paint and interior sales team in Provo
Ryan Rudd has been passionate about aviation since he was a child and loves anything with an engine. He is excited to take up a position with the company following a tour of the facility by one of the owners.
Ryan Rudd joins Duncan's paint and interior sales team.

Duncan Aviation is pleased to welcome Ryan Rudd to its paint and interior sales team in Provo, Utah. Rudd's enthusiasm for anything with an engine has been life long, and he's excited to share his passion for aviation with team members and customers.

"Although I haven't been here for long, I absolutely love it. I love being around airplanes," he says. "The culture and people here are amazing and everyone has been helpful and kind. My career plan is to learn all I can about the aviation industry and provide our customers the service they're accustomed to getting at Duncan Aviation."

With two grandfathers who were pilots, one of whom started a small airline out of Long Beach, California, Rudd has been passionate about aviation since he was a child. Growing up, he attended every airshow he could, constantly talked aircraft with his grandfather and eventually built a Kitfox in his mentor's garage. Although Rudd had flown numerous hours by the time he was 15, he hasn't completed his private pilot's license, but it's on his to-do list.

From the time he was eight years old, Rudd was fascinated by high-performance cars and in high school he started his own import business after successfully winning an auction for a white 1993 Nissan Skyline in Victoria, Canada. After graduating from high school, he worked at a JDM Legends in Murray, Utah doing restoration work on rare cars that were never offered to the US market.

After several years, he took advantage of an opportunity to work at the Harley Davidson dealership in Linden, Utah and worked in a variety of different capacities including finance and as the general sales manager.

"At the time I'd never owned a Harley, but I've always been passionate about anything with an engine," he continues. "I now own a 1942 WWII Harley that had been abandoned in Poland after the war.

"One day, I spent an hour talking to an interesting gentleman about motorcycles. Eventually, he pulled out a pen that had Duncan Aviation on it, and I told him I was really curious about what the company did. I asked him what he knew about it and he said, 'Well, I own it'. He invited me to come for a tour of the facility, and I went the next day."

Rudd found the tour, given by none other than Robert Duncan, fascinating and a few years later, ready to make a change, he attended the NBAA convention in Las Vegas, Nevada with the intention of introducing himself to some of the people from the company. "I was invited to join the Duncan team for dinner and it was a great networking experience," he says.

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