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Peregrine performs blowers mod on Talon Hawker
Used during ground operations in higher ambient temperatures, the Peregrine STC tasked by Talon Air incorporates an Ametek brushless blower designed to eliminate hot spots on the Hawker 4000.
Maintenance actions on the Talon Air Hawker 4000 should now be reduced.

Part 135 and Part 91 operator Talon Air has called on Peregrine to improve the reliability of the cooling blowers on its Hawker 4000. Peregrine, an aircraft engineering and certification firm located at Centennial airport in Englewood, Colorado, has received FAA approval for improved reliability of the Hawker 4000 cooling blowers. Applicable to the entire fleet of the Hawker 4000, formerly known as the Hawker Horizon, the installation data and STCs are now available from Peregrine.

“We described our needs to the Peregrine team and it delivered the solution that met our requirements; on time and on budget,” notes Talon Air director of maintenance Andrew Hall. “We look forward to the benefits that this STC will provide to our fleet maintenance and, most importantly, higher dispatch reliability for customers that depend on our aircraft.”

“This STC, while addressing a single aircraft model, demonstrates the versatility of our team to develop a targeted solution to meet a customer's unique needs,” adds Peregrine president David Rankin. “Solutions such as this STC complement our team's other approved model list STCs that address installation of systems multiple aircraft models and types.”

The STC and PMA-qualified installation hardware improves dispatch reliability and reduces maintenance actions caused by annunciated failures of the aft compartment heat exchange blower. Used during ground operations in higher ambient temperatures, the Peregrine STC incorporates an Ametek brushless blower exhibiting significantly higher reliability and greater assurance of eliminating hot spots in this compartment.

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