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Scheduled shutdown leads to Global Airlift opportunity
In general, 80 per cent of air freight is moved on commercial and scheduled flights using an airliner. Since the pandemic forced airlines to drastically reduce ops, Global Airlift Solutions spotted a gap in the market.
Global Airlift Solutions PC-12NGs have been transporting vital goods.
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Global Airlift Solutions is successfully operating two Pilatus PC-12NGs, having converted them into executive freighters. The aircraft are flown on the AOC of Fly 7 in Finland. Under the same AOC, Fly 7 operates 19 PC-12s and three PC-24s commercially and on private VIP missions throughout Europe.

“We love the PC-12, it is the Swiss Army Knife of the sky,” says Global Airlift Solutions VP of sales Sven Sroka. “Our PC-12NG executive freighters are RVSM approved, we have a max cruising speed of 275 kts, we can perform on smaller airports, and we can accommodate up to two cargo attendants. The aircraft has a big cargo door and the reliable PT6 engine. This is why we love it – it is reliable, flexible, fast and green.”

The company mainly operates commercial cargo charter flights for the automotive, oil and gas and aviation industries, including the transportation of dangerous goods and high value cargo. It can accommodate two flight attendants and up to 1,000 kg of cargo on its flights.

Sroka continues: “Our destinations are all over Europe and North Africa. We even serve destinations in the Middle East and Russia; the AOC of Fly 7 Finland is valid for such work. One the most remarkable flights we performed lately was for the automotive industry with urgent spare parts from Spain to Turkey. The aircraft's performance, the knowledge of our flight crew and the weather on this day made it possible to complete customer confirmation, activation of the crew, flight planning, securing the cargo and loading to landing in Turkey within seven hours. The 1,400 nm flight was carried out from Valencia to Istanbul in five hours and 15 minutes non-stop with 300 kg of cargo.”

In general, 80 per cent of air freight is moved on commercial and scheduled flights using an airliner. Since the pandemic forced airlines to all but shut down their operations, the aviation network used for the supply chains is not available anymore. Yet the flow of goods and spare parts for industries is still required. “Our 20-plus years of experience put us in a good position; the cargo charter and forwarding business increased work globally, especially within our AOC areas of Europe and the Middle East,” Sroka explains. “Reliable, flexible, fast solutions are needed more than ever and we have been flying everything such as medical supplies such as masks, gloves and coronavirus tests from hospitals to laboratories, along with vaccines. We kept the different industries running and prevented them from factory shutdowns with our charter flights. This year we want to lay a foundation for continuing to grow the fleet.”

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