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Volatus Infrastructure   (U.S.A.)

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News from Business Air News
Volatus signs up to OEM partnership
March 6, 2023
Volatus and Plana are to formulate an ecosystem for accelerating the realisation of advanced air mobility in South Korea.
Volatus to build vertiport at Bellefonte airport
February 9, 2023
A project that started out as a way to get fans to Penn State games without sitting in traffic has turned into the centre of an eVTOL ecosystem for the east coast. A vertiport is to be built at Bellefonte airport.
Eve commits to Volatus vertiport automation
December 7, 2022
Eve's Urban Air Traffic Management software solution will be used to improve the capacity and efficiency of Volatus' vertiports.
October 20, 2022Volatus will support AIR's UAM ambitions
October 18, 2022Strategic alliance sees SkyDrive and Volatus advance AAM
August 25, 2022Volatus gangs up with GAMG for eVTOL infrastructure
April 12, 2022Volatus plans permanent vertiport for Oshkosh
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