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Strategic alliance sees SkyDrive and Volatus advance AAM
SkyDrive will integrate Volatus' AAM infrastructure into its US business platform and support Volatus in expanding its eVTOL infrastructure into the Japanese market

Japan-based eVTOL manufacturer SkyDrive and Wisconsin, US-based vertiport developer Volatus Infrastructure have agreed to support each other's business development and market expansion goals. SkyDrive will integrate Volatus' AAM infrastructure, including vertiports and charging stations, into its US business platform and support Volatus in expanding its eVTOL infrastructure into the Japanese market.

SkyDrive is currently engaged in the development of a compact, two seat electric-powered aircraft named SkyDrive SD-05. The company reached a key milestone when the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau accepted its application for type certification of the SD-05 in October 2021.

In alignment with SkyDrive's own vision, Volatus is focused on making its eVTOL technology widely accessible to everyone by steering the AAM industry towards agreed standards. Volatus has also committed to keeping the cost of its products and services priced to allow for universal accessibility.

Volatus will provide tailored infrastructure packages to SkyDrive as a preferred vendors, which includes eVTOL vertiports and charging facilities. These packages will also be extended to SkyDrive's customers as required. SkyDrive, where possible, will support Volatus in the development of its infrastructure.

“Volatus is planning to build permanent vertiports in many states in the US, starting with Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and SkyDrive is looking to utilise its vertiports,” says CEO Tomohiro Fukuzawa. “We believe our collaboration will accelerate and promote advanced air mobility.”

“This is a huge step forward for the global eVTOL industry,” adds Volatus co-founder Grant Fisk. “We can best serve communities and make this technology accessible faster by working together. SkyDrive will play a critical role in creating our cargo hub.”

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