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Volatus gives support to LEO Flight manufacturing and infrastructure
The Volatus team will meet LEO's eVTOL infrastructure needs and support its VertiStop charging technology. The company has also undergone a rebrand.
The LEO Coupe flying car will benefit from VI&E manufacturing and infrastructure support.

US vertiport developer Volatus Infrastructure is to provide manufacturing support to LEO Flight's wireless VertiStop charging technology. The company will also supply the Indiana-based eVTOL vehicle manufacturer with vertiport infrastructure.

“The Volatus team is honoured to fulfil LEO's eVTOL infrastructure needs and excited to partner on its VertiStop charging technology, to help bring an even more complete charging solution to the industry,” says co-founder Grant Fisk.

"Our partnership with Volatus seamlessly blends the freedom and speed of the LEO Coupe flying car with the assurance of widespread, convenient charging points. The LEO Flight VertiStop is a compact, fast-charging and landing platform that can be rapidly put into service on existing rooftops and parking areas, to create instant infrastructure for LEO Coupe travel,” adds LEO Flight co-founder Carlos Salaff.

The LEO Coupe is a fully-electric, eVTOL flying car with no exposed propellers, a 200mph cruise speed and 250 mile range.

Volatus has rebranded as Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions (VI&E Solutions) to highlight the nature of its universal multimodal electric charging stations.

“When I first created Volatus, I had no idea how quickly we would grow. I never imagined this small Wisconsin company would become a globally recognised leader in the vertiport sector,” says Fisk.“We are one of the few companies in the world that make eVTOL charging stations, and we have several game-changing energy projects in the works.”

In fact, the company is launching a 'skunkworks' innovation division to be led by Fisk.

“Today is a bold new chapter in our story. Our focus is on tangible progress in advanced air mobility,” says CEO Dan Sloat. “We are forging ahead in order to answer this evolving industry's most pressing known challenges as well as those yet to be discovered. Grant is a no nonsense problem solver who is not afraid to grapple with engineering questions of immense complexity.”

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