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Green Charter 2022
Green Charter 2022
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Volatus gangs up with GAMG for eVTOL infrastructure
Together, Volatus and GAMG intend to push forward with business development and vertiport management in the US southwest.
The two companies aim to bring an accessible, scalable vertiport solution to the market.

Volatus Infrastructure and Global Aerial Management Group (GAMG) have partnered to provide business development services for the southwest US. In addition, GAMG has been named the preferred management company for Volatus' eVTOL infrastructure.

GAMG is spearheaded by powerhouse founder Toni Drummond. “Having Toni on our team, with the knowledge and expertise she brings to the table, is creating an unstoppable business development team for Volatus,” says Volatus co-founder Grant Fisk. “Being able to provide a preferred vertiport management company will allow the eVTOL infrastructure ecosystem to expand at an even greater rate.”

“When I discovered Volatus I knew I had finally found the correct solution for eVTOL infrastructure,” adds Drummond. “I'm eager to help bring an accessible, scalable solution to the market now, so we can stop theorising about it and get to work.”

GAMG is focused on furthering the progress of emerging AAM technologies with a concentration on uncrewed and autonomous flight and mobility. It is diversifying its expertise to enable the evolution of services offered. GAMG is a women-owned and operated business and is the proud winner of the 2021 Women and Drones, Women to Watch Volatus Aerospace Team Innovation Award.

Founded in 2021, Volatus Infrastructure is connecting communities to the future with eVTOL infrastructure technology. It offers three main eVTOL infrastructure designs, a vehicle agnostic charging station plus an app and maintenance programmes.

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