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Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions, Inc.   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Eve teams with Ferrovial to explore UAM traffic management
March 24, 2023
The two companies will jointly deveop the safe and reliable operation of vertiports and eVTOLs; an agnostic solution that will enable the integration of all airspace users in the urban environment.
Brazil grants Eve credit lines for eVTOL programme
December 28, 2022
Brazil’s National Development Bank has approved two credit lines up to the value of $92.5m to support Eve’s eVTOL development programme.
Eve and FlyBIS set sights on Latin American AAM
December 12, 2022
Brazil and other South American countries have many high-traffic tourist areas that will benefit from eVTOL mobility. Together Eve and FlyBIS plan to develop operations.
December 7, 2022Eve commits to Volatus vertiport automation
December 1, 2022Bluenest named as first vertiport partner for Eve
October 20, 2022Eve and Skyway collaborate on urban air traffic management
September 29, 2022India set for UAM trials
September 12, 2022United invests $15m more with Eve
August 24, 2022Eve prepares for UAM simulation in Chicago
July 20, 2022Eve showcases eVTOL cabin and fresh design
July 20, 2022Halo becomes launch customer for Eve UATM
July 7, 2022Eve holds first UAM advisory board meeting
June 22, 2022Fahari orders 40 Eve eVTOL aircraft for Kenya market
June 13, 2022Eve leverages airport operator expertise for wide scale UAM development
June 9, 2022Falcon Aviation Services will introduce Eve in Dubai
June 2, 2022Porsche will drive Eve's eVTOL decision making
May 16, 2022Embraer and Eve evaluate autonomy in real flights over Rio
May 12, 2022Shares in Zanite/Eve combo start trading on NYSE
May 5, 2022Eve publishes collaborative UAM ConOps for Rio
April 28, 2022Thales to support Eve's eVTOL development
April 17, 2022Zanite files definitive proxy statement for Eve merger
March 28, 2022Embraer expands expertise in autonomous flight
March 24, 2022Eve consortium completes UAM report for UK's CAA
March 21, 2022Acciona invests $30m in Eve UAM ecosystem
March 17, 2022Eve brings UAM concept to Miami-Dade
February 21, 2022Eve and Skyports will develop AAM CONOPS for Japan
February 16, 2022Trio of Australian operators ink Eve eVTOL orders
February 15, 2022Eve formalises eVTOL type certification process with ANAC
January 12, 2022Eve makes sales and plans routes with Falko
December 23, 2021Eve to list on NYSE, gains partners for aircraft sales
December 8, 2021Sydney Seaplanes boosts Eve with order for fifty
December 6, 2021Nautilus develops UAM operations in Australia
November 23, 2021UAM ecosystem in sight of Jetex and Eve partnership
November 18, 2021Eve and Senna Brand create the Eve-Senna eVTOL
November 12, 2021Eve and Widerøe Zero to develop Scandinavian UAM solutions
November 1, 2021Eve to test air taxi service in Rio
October 5, 2021Latin America UAM ecosystem receives another boost
September 29, 2021Bristow signs up with Eve to develop eVTOL
September 23, 2021Helipass and Eve to deploy eVTOLs in France
September 4, 2021Microflite teams up with Eve to develop Australian eVTOL operations
August 31, 2021Leading lights of Latam come together for UAM CONOPS
August 26, 2021Eve strengthens presence in Asia Pacific through Ascent
August 11, 2021MoU between Kenya Airways and Eve promotes UAM
July 27, 2021Eve puts in ‘important building block’ with Flapper
July 11, 2021Beacon partnership to shine a light on Eve's progress
July 4, 2021Eve and Skyports zone in on Asia and Americas early adopters
June 26, 2021Eve and Blade to collaborate on UAM flight time
June 21, 2021Ascent and Eve progress UAM in Asia Pacific
June 10, 2021Brazil's ecosystem is well poised to accept Eve eVTOLs
June 2, 2021Halo and Eve create a heavenly UAM partnership
January 23, 2021UK UAM consortium prepare to play with ideas in Sandbox
October 20, 2020Eve positions itself at genesis of UAM revolution
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