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Ascent and Eve progress UAM in Asia Pacific
Ascent, Asia's first technology-powered UAM service, was designed to make cities more connected by moving people affordably by air, using helicopters today and eVTOLs in the future. Eve will be a dependable partner.
Asia could become a hotbed of UAM activity.

Ascent, Asia's on-demand helicopter platform, is partnering with Eve Urban Air Mobility Solutions, Inc. (Eve), the Embraer subsidiary, to focus on accelerating the development of the urban air mobility ecosystem in Asia Pacific markets. The partnership will advance the entry of Eve's eVTOL aircraft into Ascent's growing technology platform that allows users to book charter flights as well as flights by the seat and orchestrate UAM operations seamlessly.

The partnership aims at enabling the progressive entry of Eve's eVTOLs throughout the region dedicated to air taxi, cargo and air medical services. Ascent currently includes a database of air operator partners that are dedicated to UAM operations, throughout Thailand and the Philippines, and is set to expand its presence in the region. Additionally, the parties expect that Eve's urban air traffic management (UATM) services will be fully integrated into Ascent technology to ensure secure and scalable operations.

Ascent CEO Lionel Sinai-Sinelnikoff says: “This partnership with Eve is a leap forward for Ascent toward achieving our ambition to democratise sustainable urban air mobility. Joining forces with Eve, and by extension counting on the active support of the Embraer Group, will enable us to accelerate our development for a larger impact, secure the entry of market-fit all-electric aircraft and provide safe and secure operations at scale thanks to urban air traffic management integration.”

Eve president and CEO Andre Stein adds: “We are pleased to announce this partnership with Ascent as it aligns with our strategy to develop the urban air mobility ecosystem through collaborative efforts and to be a truly global player. Armed with Ascent's data and platform, we will be well positioned to enter into the Asia Pacific market. On our end, we are committed to supporting Ascent's growth and its ambition to democratise air mobility.”

Ascent, Asia's first technology-powered UAM service, was designed to make cities more connected by moving people seamlessly and affordably by air, using helicopters today and eVTOLs in the future. With Ascent's first-hand data and growing footprint, Eve will enhance its dedicated solutions accordingly to ensure the best aircraft to deploy and bring to market for Ascent air operator partners.

With the new partnership, the companies will establish a proof of concept to demonstrate the extent of Ascent's platform and market penetration while offering increased accessibility to a broader segment of the Asia Pacific region. Ascent will then facilitate the entry into market of Eve dedicated solutions.

Helisul Aviation, one of the largest helicopter operators in Latin America, recently entered into a partnership with Eve Urban Air Mobility that will focus on creating an ecosystem-wide approach to prepare for urban air mobility operations in Brazil.

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