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Eve to test air taxi service in Rio
Eve is to spend one month testing the UAM ecosystem in Brazil. There will be six daily helicopter flights between airport and vertiport, at a price that reflects future eVTOL involvement.
If this month’s UAM testing in Rio goes well, the stage could be set for EVA to fly short passenger journeys by 2026.

Eve Air Mobility is to begin an urban air mobility simulation in Brazil, using helicopters to connect Rio de Janeiro suburb Barra da Tijuca to the city's Tom Jobim International airport RIOgaleão.

The evaluation of the entire UAM ecosystem and the main concepts related to future operations will last a month. There will be six daily flights offered at a more affordable cost than a conventional helicopter service, based on those expected for the all-electric EVA aircraft that should enter into service in 2026.

Tickets for flights went on sale via on demand platform Flapper. The aircraft will be operated by Helisul Aviação and Universal Aviation will run ground operations. Airport concessionaire RIOgaleão and the Mario Henrique Simonsen Business Center house the take off and landing sites.

“Eve's human-centred approach to development seeks practical validation of concepts and assumptions that will help us understand and address the key challenges associated with delivering the service,” says Eve CEO André Stein. “Rio de Janeiro is one of the cities with the worst traffic in the world, and the simulation will help us to survey the real needs of users, partners and the community who will benefit from our mobility solutions.”

The simulation is part of a concept of operation started in August 2021 in Rio de Janeiro, aiming to integrate urban air mobility into Brazilian airspace. More than 50 specialists from 12 institutions are collaborating on the initiative, mapping the operation and service processes to identify the needs of users, the community and other stakeholders.

The simulation will be monitored by ANAC and the Department of Airspace Control, and is supported by vertiport developer Skyports; energy company EDP; EmbraerX aviation services business platform Beacon; and air traffic flow control and management systems company Atech.

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Sydney Seaplanes boosts Eve with order for fifty
December 8, 2021
The skies above Sydney will soon see fewer emissions from local flights. From 2026, Sydney Seaplanes will be using at least 50 Eve eVTOL aircraft to fly tourists and commuters throughout the region.
Nautilus develops UAM operations in Australia
December 6, 2021
By 2026, tourists should be able to fly over the Great Barrier Reef in non-polluting aircraft. Nautilus has ordered 10 Eve eVTOLs that will gradually form the backbone of its Australian sight-seeing operations.
Eve and Senna Brand create the Eve-Senna eVTOL
November 18, 2021
Eve aims to stimulate the co-creation and reimagining of UAM sustainably, thinking not only of the environment but also of the benefits for society. Its partnership with the Senna Brand will hopefully inspire new generations.