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Thales to support Eve's eVTOL development
Eve and Thales are taking eVTOL aircraft development to Brazil. UAM will bring many advantages to the country, particularly environmental advantages thanks to the use of clean energy.
Eve and Thales have entered a partnership to develop eVTOL aircraft.

Technology company Thales is to support the development of Eve UAM's eVTOL in Brazil. A strategic partnership between the two companies involves a series of joint studies over a 12 month period on the technical, economical and adaptable feasibility of a 100 per cent electrically powered aircraft. Thales will also contribute with its expertise in developing avionics, electric, flight control, navigation, communication and connectivity systems.

“This partnership will strengthen Eve's position as a leading player in the global market and our commitment to delivering an effective and sustainable new mode of urban transportation," says co-CEO Andre Stein. "Embraer is a leading player in aviation in Brazil and globally, and has partnered with Thales for more than 30 years. Now Eve will leverage this partnership too.”

“Thales is actively engaged in urban air mobility emergence. We are particularly proud to take a new step in Brazil, joining Eve in a project that can be a game-changer for sustainable urban mobility worldwide,” adds Thales executive vice president, avionics Yannick Assouad. “This industry is coming to stay and will bring many advantages to the country, particularly concerning the environment due to the use of clean energy.”

Both the Thales Technological Space Centre in São José dos Campos and its recently opened Avionics Centre in São Bernardo do Campo will provide support to Eve and Embraer teams working on the project, that will also rely on Thales' engineers from France, Canada and the United States.

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Porsche will drive Eve's eVTOL decision making
June 2, 2022
Embraer spin-off Eve has partnered with Porsche Consulting to define an eVTOL global manufacturing, logistics and supply chain strategy. A study will address scalability and distributed production.
Embraer and Eve evaluate autonomy in real flights over Rio
May 16, 2022
A series of experimental flights in Rio de Janeiro evaluated autonomous system technologies in real flight conditions. Regular piloted helicopters were used to explore nominal and edge-case scenarios for flight phases.
Airbus to develop electric motors with MAGicALL
May 12, 2022
Airbus has partnered with MAGicALL to develop electric motors for its CityAirbus NextGen eVTOL aircraft. The lightweight brushless motors will be used on the prototype first.