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Eve prepares for UAM simulation in Chicago
Helicopters will simulate a complete operation and service touchpoints to understand how Chicago Metropolitan area commuters will experience a UAM journey. Flight testing begins mid-September with am and pm flights.
Eve will undertake the first North American UAM simulation in Chicago.
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Eve Holding will conduct its first North American UAM simulation using helicopters powered by Blade Air Mobility as a substitute for an eVTOL aircraft. The company aims to study operations, ground services, passenger journeys and eVTOL operator needs, creating more accessible and faster connections to downtown Chicago. The UAM simulation will take place over three weeks, starting with ground tests on 12 September and passenger flights on 14 September. Following the simulation, the city of Chicago will gain knowledge about the infrastructure and ecosystem needed to enable the launch and expected long term growth of UAM in the area.

“Simulating the eVTOL operation in Chicago allows us to study how people will experience this service and understand the entire ecosystem requirements for our product and services, while showcasing the benefit of urban air mobility in one of North America's most prominent and populated cities,” says Eve co-CEO André Stein. ”We are wrapping up preparations to execute these simulations seamlessly and look forward to helping prepare Chicago for a local zero-emission UAM solution that is quiet, efficient and sustainable.”

Eve will perform the ground tests at Vertiport Chicago, an existing downtown heliport facility, simulating services, infrastructure and equipment requirements for the eVTOL. In the UAM infrastructure, a vertiport is an area of land or a structure used for the landing, take off, charging and operation of eVTOL vehicles.

"For Eve it is essential to understand and address, through these projects involving partners and the community, the key challenges associated with the main pillars of the UAM ecosystem. Our proposal brings together all stakeholders and counts on different views and feedback to structure and deliver the best solutions," says vice president of services and fleet operations Luiz Mauad.

For this simulation, Eve has formed a consortium of partners including Blade, Republic Airways, Halo Aviation, Vertiport Chicago, Village of Tinley Park, Village of Schaumburg, Acciona, SkyWest and Speedbird Aero. A helicopter replicating Eve's future eVTOL will transport passengers from the Vertiport Chicago facility to two helistops located northwest and southwest of Chicago. The first route will connect Vertiport Chicago to Schaumburg Municipal Helistop, and the second route will connect Vertiport Chicago to Tinley Park Helistop in Illinois. Flights are available through Blade's app and website.

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