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UK UAM consortium prepare to play with ideas in Sandbox
Heathrow airport, London City airport, NATS, Skyports, Atech, Volocopter and Vertical Aerospace are working alongside Eve to come up with plans to bring air taxis and eVTOLs into UK aerospace in the near future.
Flights will be trialled between London City and Heathrow airports.

A consortium of urban air mobility and aviation companies has commenced work on a concept of operations for integrating air taxis and eVTOLs into the UK's airspace. The consortium, which is led by Eve, the first company to graduate from EmbraerX, will be working with the UK Civil Aviation Authority as part of its Future Air Mobility Regulatory Sandbox.

The project will examine how eVTOLs may operate in transporting passengers and cargo over urban and regional areas. In addition to Eve, the consortium includes international companies that span the aviation industry, including Heathrow airport, London City airport, NATS, Skyports, Atech, Volocopter and Vertical Aerospace.

David Tait, head of innovation at the UK CAA says: “The Regulatory Sandbox was established to create an environment where innovation in aviation can be explored in line with the Civil Aviation Authority's core principles of safety, security and consumer protection. This project was selected to join the Sandbox as it will help us to develop a strategic framework for harmonising the low-level airspace, which will support the development of urban and regional air mobility operations across the UK.”

Initially working alongside local authorities, the consortium will explore how eVTOLs can transport passengers from London City to Heathrow, with stops in between. Data from simulations will help policymakers develop community-friendly rules, mitigate community noise impacts and draft airspace procedures for future flight tests.

“Today, flights between London City and Heathrow are limited, and the routes are designed specifically for helicopters. By collaborating with the UK Civil Aviation Authority, we aim to demonstrate to the public why regulatory support is required to build eVTOL-specific routes,” explains David Rottblatt, VP of business development and leader of the urban air traffic management project for Eve. “This unprecedented consortium, consisting of some of aviation's foremost thought leaders, will work towards preparing London, and eventually the UK, to be a viable and successful market for passenger and cargo flights using eVTOLs.”

The introduction of eVTOLs can offer greener and faster modes of transportation for passengers and cargo, improve urban and regional connectivity, create new jobs and spur innovation. The concept of operations will help make eVTOL operations in the UK possible, allowing the industry to scale and deliver environmental and economic benefits to the UK.

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June 13, 2022
Infrastructure concepts will be implemented across those communities in Latin America and Europe supported by Corporación América Airports. Eve will assess the readiness of ground infrastructure for eVTOL ops.
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May 12, 2022
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May 5, 2022
Following a series of studies, discussions and simulated flight operations, Eve has compiled a ConOps that will contribute to defining the characteristics and needs for the development of UAM anywhere in the world.