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Archer Aviation, Inc.   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Head of government relations will speed Archer commercialisation
August 25, 2022
Archer is now focusing on the regulatory framework for bringing its eVTOL aircraft to market. Michael Romanowski will align Archer's objectives with emerging policy and regulations.
2Q22 results show Archer in good light
August 18, 2022
The receipt of a $10m deposit from United Airlines for 100 initial production eVTOL aircraft and the successful completion of two phases of Maker's test flight campaign advance the path to commercialisation.
United commits $10m pre-delivery payment to Archer
August 18, 2022
This $10 million financial commitment is the latest vote of confidence by United in the Archer team after its 2021 conditional purchase of eVTOL aircraft.
August 11, 2022Archer aims for third phase of flight testing
July 20, 2022Archer tasks FACC with supply of key fuselage and wing elements
June 29, 2022Archer aims for end of year transition flights
June 16, 2022Archer appoints UAM CEO and joins Russell indexes
May 5, 2022Archer and United form joint eVTOL advisory committee
April 20, 2022Archer names founder as sole CEO
March 16, 2022Archer fires off 4Q and full year 2021 results
February 2, 2022Archer makes appointments to technical advisory board
December 21, 2021Archer completes first hover flight of Maker aircraft
December 6, 2021FAA Special Airworthiness Certificate clears Archer for Maker hover tests
November 24, 2021Flight systems team propels Archer to hover
November 12, 2021FAA issues CoA ahead of Maker flight testing
November 4, 2021Archer expands electric motor team to propel Maker towards first flight
September 28, 2021Archer rings the bell on the future with NYSE listing
September 13, 2021G-1 certification basis propels Archer closer to end goal
August 26, 2021Archer and REEF partnership expected to foster growth
July 19, 2021Array of talent is welcomed onboard at Archer
June 21, 2021Litigation between Archer and Wisk Aero heats up
June 21, 2021Archer takes a bow by introducing Maker virtually
March 19, 2021Archer targets launch of Miami UAM network by 2024
March 6, 2021Archer quivering with excitement at prospect of LA UAM
February 15, 2021Archer right on target with Atlas and United deals
May 29, 2020Archer looks to be on target with all-electric aircraft
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