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Archer starts build of three conforming, piloted aircraft
Component manufacturing is well under way, and final assembly of the first three conforming Midnight aircraft should begin soon. Part 145 certification will allow Archer to operate a repair and maintenance station.
Key components and systems of the three piloted Midnight aircraft will conform to the intended type design for FAA certification.

Archer Aviation has received its Part 145 certification from the FAA, under whose regulations the OEM is now authorised to perform specialised aircraft repair services while maintaining the highest levels of safety and compliance, a key requirement for operating a commercial aviation business. This certification reinforces Archer's close collaboration with the FAA as well as its progress on the path toward commercial flight operations.

"This is a major vote of confidence from the FAA on Archer's promise and potential for operating a full-scale urban air mobility service in cities across the country," says founder and CEO Adam Goldstein. "As we continue to rapidly advance towards commercial operations, we will be working closely with the FAA and regulators around the world to ensure Archer's aircraft are safe and ready to transform mobility, providing a sustainable, low noise and cost competitive alternative to decongest our biggest cities."

The FAA's Part 145 certification represents a commitment to stringent safety and operational standards and is essential for commercial aviation operators and original equipment manufacturers, authorising them to conduct specific maintenance and repair tasks on crucial aircraft components such as airframes. Joby has just received its own Part 145 approval as well.

Archer is well underway in constructing its first three conforming Midnight aircraft, with the first set to begin final assembly in coming weeks and piloted flight testing later this year. These aircraft will have components and systems that conform to the intended type design, enabling 'for credit' flight testing with the FAA. Final assembly will be performed at Archer's manufacturing facility in San Jose, California.

"The key to achieving FAA certification is flying a conforming aircraft. I believe we are positioned to be the first in the sector to do so," says Goldstein. "From day one, Archer's strategy has been to build an aircraft that is certifiable and manufacturable at scale. This focus is what has allowed us to move quicker and more efficiently than any other company in the industry over the last few years."

Other News
Archer's Midnight completes phase one of flight testing
February 5, 2024
With recently installed high voltage battery packs in place, Midnight advanced through phase one of its flight test program in only three months. It is now channelling full wing-borne transition flight in phase two.
Archer fine tunes battery cell safety with NASA
January 25, 2024
Under NASA's Space Act Agreement, Archer will collaborate on mission-critical eVTOL aircraft technologies. It also continues to attract top talent from Wheels Up and Delta to support Midnight's entry into service in 2025.
Atlantic plans for electric infrastructure in key US locations
January 18, 2024
Atlantic Aviation plans to electrify its infrastructure at a number of US locations with Archer and Joby ahead of eVTOL operations.