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Green Charter 2022
Green Charter 2022
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FAA ticks Fargo Jet Center STC for retractable sensor mount
FJC's FAA STC is granted for the Kodiak; other types will follow. The retractable camera mount is compatible with most ISR systems and can be contained within the cargo pod. A retractable door enables covert ops.
The Fargo team - front row: Dayton Hulst, Bob Wagner, Chris Ferrari; middle row: Jeremy Bilben, Chris Eggl, Keith Murray; and back row: Ryan Maier, Kory Johnson, Merle, Bingham, Mike Clancy.

Hector International airport-based Fargo Jet Center (FJC) has earned an FAA supplemental type certificate on a newly-developed universal retractable sensor mount (RSM) for special mission aircraft operations. This STC is approved for the Kodiak 100 aircraft and will be amended to certify on other aircraft platforms as needed.

Featuring a compact design and retractable door, the RSM is belly-mounted and 100 per cent contained within the cargo pod of the Kodiak 100, ready to be deployed as needed. This design provides protection for the camera system from the elements to and from the mission area and in off-airport and covert operations. Additionally, the lightweight design results in more fuel capacity, extending the aircraft's endurance and time on station.

“This product development was inspired through collaboration with the special missions team at Daher, acknowledging the compelling opportunity for this modification to open an entirely new market for the aircraft,” says vice president of technical services Mike Clancy. “Our team took this product from the conceptual design of the unit to development, testing and STC certification in less than two years, conveying their extraordinary dedication and capabilities.”

FJC provides special mission aircraft modifications to customer specifications and collaborates with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance sensor suppliers to provide a unique turn-key system integration. The RSM is compatible with most sensor systems up to 15” in diameter including Trakka Systems; FLIR Systems; L3Harris Technologies; Collins Aerospace; Raytheon Intelligence & Space; Churchill Navigation; and others.

Multi-mission capable platforms include environmental survey and management, fire detection and monitoring, law enforcement, military and homeland security missions, maritime surveillance, search and rescue, target acquisition, identification and tracking, and customer-defined mission-specific operations.

FJC has teamed up with Daher to bring the product into the special mission marketplace using FJC's Kodiak 100 special mission demonstrator with operational ISR systems. The Kodiak 100 has proven to be the right aircraft for the project as it has short take off and landing performance and allows long loiter times while maintaining a covert appearance.

Other News
Tamarack completes first upgrade of Citation M2 Gen 2
September 19, 2022
The first installation of winglets on a Citation M2 Gen2 allows for improved take off limits in high altitude and high temperature conditions. It also improves stability and includes FAA and EASA certified safety parameters.
Tamarack joins Oxi-Zen for blockchain-backed offsetting
September 12, 2022
Tamarack has fitted a fleet of CitationJets with its emissions-reducing eco-Smartwing technology. The modification aligns with Oxi-Zen's blockchain carbon balancing technology.
Dassault completes STC for Falcon 900B InSight
September 12, 2022
Dassault's unique STC for the Falcon 900B allows owners to upgrade to a four-display InSight system while maintaining existing factory-delivered and OEM-supported flight management systems (FMS).