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Falcon 900DX is first in Europe for acoustic solution
Performing supplementary work when an aircraft is undergoing a major inspection achieves time and cost savings. Such was the case when RUAG installed thermal acoustic insulation during a Falcon 900DX's downtime.
RUAG is the first in Europe to install 3M's thermal acoustic insulation system on a Falcon 900DX.

RUAG MRO International has completed the first installation in Europe of the thermal acoustic insulation system based on an STC designed by Aearo Technologies for the Falcon 900DX aircraft.

The project was a collaborative effort between the Dassault authorised service centre specialists at the RUAG facilities at Lugano-Agno and Geneva, Switzerland and, says RUAG, was completed on time.

Choosing to optimise the downtime associated with a 2C inspection on a Falcon 900DX, the customer took advantage of RUAG’s one-stop shop approach to maintenance, repair and overhaul. In addition to communications solutions and cabin refurbishment, the customer requested a thermal acoustic damping solution that would reduce the cabin noise directly related to operations. The specialists at RUAG identified Aearo Technologies’ thermal acoustic insulation system for Falcon aircraft as the straightforward and appropriate solution.

The installation was fulfilled during the 2C inspection that also included a full cabin refurbishment, a communications system upgrade encompassing GoGo Avance L5, and the replacement of the inflight entertainment (IFE) system. “Implementing these solutions during the 2C inspection saved our customer both time and costs,” says general manager at the Agno site Stephan Woodtli. “The supplemental type certificate specifies exacting placement of the damping technology materials at various structural points located throughout the aircraft’s fuselage. This is easier and much faster if it is completed during heavy maintenance inspections, when removal of the aircraft’s cabin insulation is required. For our customer, this meant that one downtime was all that was needed.” Installation components included fuselage skin damping, floor panel and interior damping and cabin and door insulation.

“Our system is specifically designed to reduce installation time. What’s more, the kit to maximise acoustic performance is available for all commercial designations of the Falcon 900, the 2000 as well as Global 5000 and Global Express designations,” says Aearo Technologies president Dan Renninger.

The customer confirmed the accurate performance and the quieter cabin environment of the new insulation several weeks after the aircraft’s return to service. “Ultimately, optimising an inspection event like this one ensures our customer enjoys increased cabin comfort at an affordable price as well,” adds Woodtli.

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