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Centreline extends CSAT contract with UK MoD
This 30-month extension is evidence of the excellent service delivered by Centreline over the past 18 months and the strong working relationship established with the Ministry of Defence and the Royal Air Force.
Centreline has extended its Falcon 900LX contract with the UK MoD until September 2026. Photo: Nick Challoner.
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Pula Aviation Services company Centreline has extended its contract with the UK Ministry of Defence to operate and support two MoD Falcon 900LX aircraft, or Envoy IV, until September 2026.

As well as extending the term of the Command Support Air Transport (CSAT) contract through exercise of the contract options, the scope includes the training of several more RAF pilots seconded to Centreline. This will ensure greater resilience as the aircraft start to exercise their global reach.

Centreline secured the contract in early 2022 and commenced full operations in July of the same year. The contract included the expansion its sister Part 145 maintenance business ASG, to include the Falcon 900LX and the establishment of a full line and base maintenance facility at RAF Northolt.

The Envoy IV aircraft are used to transport key military and diplomatic personnel around the world. They offer a faster and more efficient means of travel, capable of reaching greater distances with more sustainability compared to the BAE146 aircraft they replaced.

Gus Paterson, chief operating officer of Pula Aviation Services, says: “This expansion is a major endorsement of our service delivery. The UK MOD recognises our agility and expertise, and we have proved that smaller, more innovative businesses can really deliver value for money for the UK taxpayer.”

Adam Lunn, Centreline’s CSAT contract delivery manager, adds: “I am delighted that we will retain this contract for a further two and a half years and look forward to continuing our close working relationship with our RAF and MOD partners to jointly deliver an excellent service to defence.”

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