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Amalfi Jets offers bonus deals through May
With the launch of its largest promotions to date, Amalfi Jets is poised to capitalise on the upcoming summer season.
Amalfi Jets aims to eliminate any initial hesitation associated with its programmes, allowing our clients to experience the quality of its services and booking process before making a full commitment.

Los Angeles-based private jet charter and jet card provider Amalfi Jets has launched a deposit bonus deal on its Amalfi One Jet Card. Throughout May 2024, clients who deposit a minimum of $500,000 into their account will receive a 15 per cent bonus. This offer is available to all existing jet card holders with active accounts and to new members interested in joining the programme. Those who take advantage of this offer and meet the minimum deposit requirement will receive at least $75,000 in flight credit.

"We're thrilled to introduce this generous offer to our current cardholders and valued clients," says founder and CEO Kolin Jones. "The summer travel season is one of the busiest times in private aviation, therefore we wanted to offer our trusted clients the ability to make their funds go further. We're committed to promoting summer travel and enhancing the value we provide to our clientele.

"Our clients' satisfaction is always our top priority, and we continuously strive to offer competitive pricing and unmatched value. We deeply appreciate the trust and loyalty of our Amalfi One Jet Card holders and remain committed to rewarding them with special deals such as this, while encouraging new and existing clients to join the programme."

Also throughout May, those who download the Amalfi Jets app will qualify for membership in the Amalfi Reserve programme at the discounted rate of just $99 per month, a significant reduction from the usual $500 monthly fee, and the standard $2,500 initiation fee will be waived.

Jones highlights the programme's appeal to flyers seeking the flexibility of charter services without the commitment of substantial upfront costs: "With this initiative, we aim to eliminate any initial hesitations associated with such an investment, allowing our clients ample time to experience the quality of Amalfi's services and booking process before making a full commitment."

Amalfi Reserve membership provides direct access to the operator's global aircraft network, access to capped hourly rates, discounted empty leg flights and the company's lifestyle Escapades benefit suite. The promotion encourages private flyers to explore Amalfi's offerings before usually moving from the Amalfi Reserve membership to the Amalfi One Jet Card programme.

"I have directly observed the uncertainties that come with making sizeable deposits with companies in this industry. Through this new promotion, we're dedicated to entirely easing these concerns," says president of sales Brian Francis. "Our goal is not only to facilitate transactions but also to instil genuine confidence and trust in our clients, ensuring they embark on their journey with peace of mind and excitement for the experiences that await."

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