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Volato named as high achiever for customer service
Generally, a Net Promoter Score above 50 is considered excellent, while any score above 80 is considered world-class. Volato has managed a score of 88, placing it in the very top tier in the US.

Volato Group, the largest HondaJet operator in the US, has achieved a top tier Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 88, based on the average scores of 2023. The high score reflects the company's dedication to customer-designed service, transparency and the critical role of NPS in constantly refining every aspect of the business.

Volato's NPS score reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences on every flight and fostering greater transparency across the industry,” says Brandon McIntosh, Volato's vice president of client experience. “Our skilled pilots and seasoned concierge team play a vital role in delivering these experiences. Their professionalism and positive approach significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Our NPS score is encouraging as a general benchmark of our customer experience, and we see it as a springboard for continuous improvement. We remain committed to leveraging customer feedback to keep raising the bar and exceeding expectations.”

Generally, an NPS score above 50 is considered excellent, while any score above 80 is considered world-class. The NPS is a widely recognised measure of customer loyalty and satisfaction, with scores ranging from -100 to 100. A high NPS score signifies customer satisfaction with the company's services, with promoters more inclined to refer new clients, incur lower service costs and stay with the company for longer periods of time.

In line with its commitment to acting on customer feedback, Volato recently selected SmartSky, an innovative air-to-ground inflight connectivity provider, to equip its HondaJet fleet with next-generation Wi-Fi, enhancing the passenger experience for over 20 new aircraft. Volato also recently launched a mobile app that delivers a seamless and personalised experience to its customer base, built based on extensive customer feedback and testing.

As Volato expands its private jet fleet in 2024 and beyond, the company will continue its rigorous focus on maintaining and monitoring its NPS score and feedback as a mechanism to retain and attract customers. Volato tracks its NPS score on a monthly basis and also releases quarterly results as a part of its operational KPI disclosures.

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