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MEHAIR orders up to 100 hydrogen VTOL Sirius jets
MEHAIR is looking to operate zero-emissions aircraft on regional routes between land and water infrastructure and has ordered 50 Sirius Millennium Jets with an option for a further 50 units.
MEHAIR will add hydrogen-powered Sirius Millennium Jets to its inter island routes.

India-based seaplane operator Maritime Energy Heli Air Services (MEHAIR) has placed a firm order with Sirius Aviation for 50 Millennium Jets, with an option to add 50 more, for a total value of around $400 million.

"Joining forces with Sirius Jet marks a significant step for India's aviation, promising passengers luxurious yet economical travel with zero emissions," says managing director Siddharth Verma.

This follows a conditional order with ZeroAvia, placed in January 2024, for up to 20 ZA600 hydrogen-electric engines for upcoming Cessna Grand Caravan inter-island air services. The company already has a relationship with zero-emissions regional turboprop aircraft lessor Monte for the ZA600 engines, and the two will also work together on establishing the fuel supply. MEHAIR has also ordered up to 50 PHA-ZE 100 all-electric amphibious aircraft from Jekta.

The Sirius Jet, a hydrogen-powered, zero-emissions VTOL aircraft, features a high-speed capability, quieter ducted fan jets and an innovative hydrogen powertrain. It boasts a range of 1,150 miles, eight times that of traditional eVTOLs, and a speed of 323mph.

Under the Sirius deal, MEHAIR will oversee the assembly of 50 Sirius Millennium Jets and 1,400 Millennium hydrogen fan jets, along with integrating 50 hydrogen fuel cell powertrains and 10 hydrogen generation units in India.

"This strategic alliance with MEHAIR lays the foundation for a greener future in air travel; embodying a commitment to eco-friendly aviation and technological excellence," says Sirius CEO Alexey Popov.

Key Initiatives include:

- Establishing final assembly lines for hydrogen VTOL jets in India

- Creating franchise models for sales and after-sales support

- Navigating the certification process for Sirius Jet products in India

- Developing a robust green hydrogen infrastructure nationwide

- Designing and operating vertiports across India

- Providing comprehensive training for Sirius Jet fleet operation and maintenance

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Sirius will pump hydrogen into PARQ Bali development
March 28, 2024
Once certified and ready to fly, Sirius will lease 10 hydrogen VTOL jets to PARQ for use in Bali and the surrounding islands at a cost of $65,000 per month.
Sirius fires up hydrogen-electric jet propulsion system
February 2, 2024
Sirius Aviation has debuted a hydrogen powertrain with Sauber F1 and global automotive giant BMW Group Designworks. Technologies from the automotive industry can speed up development of this HVTOL project.
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January 25, 2024
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