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Amalfi Jets makes its service simpler and safer
An in-house 'Safety Management System' will ensure security for clients through employee training, and the upcoming app should simplify bookings for members and non-members.

Amalfi Jets has secured a Purchased Non-owned Aircraft Liability Insurance policy, the purchase of which is a critical step for charter brokers who facilitate private jet travel for clients without owning the aircraft. This insurance provides a layer of protection against potential liabilities arising from the use of non-owned aircraft.

"In an uncertain world, we excel at providing our clients certain safety standards and peace of mind," says founder and CEO Kolin Jones.

In order for an operator and its aircraft to be within the Amalfi network, the company requires they meet all FAA regulations and hold third-party safety accreditation from ARGUS, Wyvern or IS-BAO. Amalfi Jets itself holds Wyvern Broker certification.

The company has also expanded its internal safety measures for employees with a monthly event entitled 'Aviation Safety Day'. Known as the 'Amalfi Safety Management System', it fosters hands-on safety awareness across the whole operation.

"Our updated internal safety protocol ensures that every Amalfi Jets employee is well versed in our operational standards to ensure a safe journey for our clients every time they take to the sky with us," says Jones.

Employees engage in a comprehensive review of the company's safety protocols and gain insights into various aspects of aviation safety to understand the pivotal role they play in ensuring the security of flights for their clients.

The company is also set to introduce its Amalfi App on 4 March, following almost a year of work on the design and planning that included feedback from its client base about sought after features.

The app will serve as a platform for both existing members and non-members to track their flight credit balances, reserve flights, explore and book empty legs, receive itineraries and chat directly with their dedicated account manager and the concierge team. For non-members, the app offers the ability to explore and upgrade membership opportunities and request on demand charter flights. Users can navigate through aircraft categories, obtain information about the company's product and service offerings, and find running deals and exclusive benefits.

"We are delighted to announce the official launch date of our app and are eagerly anticipating our clients using the platform," says Jones. "With 2024 beginning strongly for us, we see a fantastic opportunity to build upon months of momentum and the introduction of our app will play a crucial role in fostering this growth. Working closely with a US-based development firm has further enabled us to customise the app to align with both our organisational goals and the preferences of our clients. It's important to clarify that while our app is designed to streamline processes for both members and non-members chartering with Amalfi Jets, it is not a new 'AI-based booking platform'. Its sole purpose is to enhance the overall experience for our clients."

Amalfi Jets has recently had personnel join its sales and representatives teams, and appointed industry-veteran Brian Francis as president of sales.

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