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Amalfi Jets plans app launch for end of 2023
The Amalfi Jets app will launching in early January 2024. The platform will serve current cardholders, members and charter clients and will streamline the flight booking process, payment acceptance and trip management.

US charter brokerage Amalfi Jets has introduced an app designed to enhance its clients' booking and travel experiences. The company has spent the first three quarters of 2023 designing and planning the app with a leading US-based development firm. In order to best serve the industry, it has also worked closely with its client base to understand what it is looking for in an app and have included key features accordingly.

The app will host current members and non-members, allow them to track flight credit balances, book flights, view and book empty legs, receive itineraries and chat directly with their concierge team for various requests. Non-members can explore membership opportunities and request on demand charter flights. Additionally, users can browse different aircraft categories, find additional information on the company's product and service offerings, and get access to special deals and benefits.

"We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our app and cannot wait to share it with our clients," says CEO Kolin Jones. "The development of the Amalfi Jets App will transform the Amalfi travel experience, allowing for an even greater seamless travel experience for our guests. We have worked closely with our client base to best understand what they are looking for in an app and tailor our approach and offerings accordingly. Our collaboration has also allowed us to streamline the whole process and we look forward to sharing the final product by the end of this year.

"I want to confirm that this app is not a new AI-based booking platform, it is solely created to serve our clients further."

The app should be up and running by the end of 2023, with the first iteration for current members being launched fully in early November 2023.

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