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Airbus ACJ319

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Nomad performs first 12 year inspection on ACJ319
Examination of the ACJ's primary and secondary structure required removal and re-installation of the entire cabin. Corrosion meant components were replaced, and defects on engines and thrust reversers repaired.
The 12 year maintenance inspection is carried out on the ACJ319.

Nomad Technics has recently completed its first 12 year inspection on an Airbus ACJ319 aircraft.

During this largest maintenance event to be undertaken on an ACJ319 by Nomad Technics, there was a thorough examination of the aircraft's primary and secondary structure that required the removal and re-installation of the entire cabin interior. The inspection revealed corrosion with components to be replaced or repaired. In addition the engineers rectified a number of system and structure defects and carried-out inspections and maintenance work on engines and thrust reversers. Functional and operational tests of all aircraft systems concluded the maintenance event. The aircraft was returned to Nomad's customer and is back on its operational scheduled flights.

"The successful completion of this first 12 year inspection on an Airbus ACJ319 is a great milestone for Nomad Technics and will enable us to further enhance our capabilities to offer and execute this type of demanding maintenance service, not only on Airbus but also on a variety of other aircraft types,” says maintenance manager Serge Kieffer.

Director of sales and project management Thomas Gierlich adds: "We are very proud of our Airbus, cabin and sheet metal teams and the entire organisation behind it who have performed very well. We are looking forward to welcoming owners and operators of Airbus aircraft at our Basel, Switzerland facility to demonstrate our highly skilled VVIP aircraft maintenance and bespoke aviation services.”

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