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IQSMS integration mitigates risk from data input
In response to the growing demand for solutions that merge automatisation in flight management and safety management systems, ASQS and Leon have introduced an integration that will enhance safety procedures.

A system integration between ASQS and Leon Software will allow ASQS' web-based safety, quality and risk management system (IQSMS) users to significantly facilitate crew reporting thanks to automated data transfer between the applications. The interface allows all flight-related data to be automatically pre-filled in the IQSMS report after flight selection, so it does not need to be manually entered by the reporter.

The companies say that one of the most important advantages of this is the guarantee of high data quality through direct data transmission; the likelihood of data error drops to practically zero with automation. Reporting is kept as simple as possible, obstacles are eliminated and reporting performance is improved. As a result, companies should see an improvement in their safety culture and their safety accountability.

“With all developments, ASQS aims to simplify daily safety and quality management processes to promote safety accountability throughout the organisation. Integrations with other applications such as Leon are therefore of great benefit to our users,” says ASQS chief technology officer Günther Syrowatka. “Especially in the area of reporting, barriers need to be reduced as much as possible to encourage crew members to share safety-relevant information. In short, without reporting, essential safety information is lost, which can be threatening to the operation.”

Vienna, Austria-headquartered software provider ASQS (Advanced Safety and Quality Solutions) currently serves more than 300 airline, operator, airport, MRO, manufacturer and UAV customers with an integrated system that supports the digitisation process and improves communication channels within companies. This system results in a better flow of documents and information, and contributes to lowering operational costs, which in turn leads to increased flight safety, maximised company efficiency and an improved safety culture.

Poland-based Leon Software primarily supports companies in terms of information flow, flight planning or crew configuration. As a result, its customers have tools that make the management of both passenger and cargo flights much easier.

"During Cybersecurity October we talked about what safety measures Leon introduces internally, but now we want to introduce the newest integration in the field of safety for our clients. Integration with IQSMS is a step towards meeting the rising market demand for reliable safety management software" says chief technology officer Paweł Szmagaj.

The SMS allows monitoring and maintenance of safety indicators as well as the use of relevant databases and statistics or change management. The standardised system can analyse previous experience, the current situation and can anticipate potential problems that may arise in the future.

Depending on a user's specific needs, the SMS can assume three attitudes: a reactive method allows the analysis of past events together with their consequences; a proactive method analyses current data provided by audits, assessments and reports prepared by employees; and, in a predictive approach, data collection identifies potential problems that may have occurred in the past, so that their impact can at least be mitigated. SMS also takes into account business considerations, so its use can reduce unnecessary costs.

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