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Leon Software   (Poland)
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News from Business Air News
Jetex and Leon aim to set digital standard
August 2, 2022
Global Jet turns to Leon for combined ops management app
May 24, 2022
FCG synchronises ATOM platform with Leon software
May 29, 2021
The synchronisation of FCG АТОМ and Leon systems enables instant data exchange, eliminates duplicate actions, reduces typing mistakes, reduces the volume of comms and provides customers with real-time status.
Six West leans on Leon for management and oversight
April 23, 2019
Charter sales solution updated by Leon
April 15, 2019
Leon Software has released a new version of its flagship software, including features designed for increasing the efficiency of sales teams. Good news for the 200 companies using its platform and for productivity.
July 10, 2013Xclusive selects Leon while SaxonAir invests in AeroTrac
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