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Business aviation in Vermont

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Business aviation suppliers in Vermont

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The modular design of the vertiports allows for them to be shipped to any location.

Modular design sets Skyportz on property partnership quest

The components of the vertiport can be packed into shipping containers and deployed worldwide. Skyportz advises early take up by property partners, to be used as event spaces or meetings ahead of eVTOL ops.

September 19, 2022   Full report

Tom Benson will guide GPMS through the uptake of its Foresight MX system.

Industry veterans bring experience to GPMS

Tom Benson brings a track record of business success in digitalisation of maintenance processes and John Byus will expand the Foresight customer base throughout the Americas.

September 12, 2022   Full report

Bristow has placed a firm order for five Alia aircraft with an option for up to 50 more.

Bristow backs Beta Tech with Alia order

With an order for up to 55 Alia eVTOL aircraft under its belt, Bristow will leverage its 70+ years of aviation expertise in developing AAM ops for passengers and time-sensitive cargo using regional transportation hubs.

August 11, 2022   Full report

All GPMS customers have the option to get trusted, high-quality installations and support through GPMS’s certified installer network.

GPMS makes major expansion of certified installer network

While some prefer to install Foresight themselves, others have it done for them. Expansion allows GPMS to boost scalability, ensure quality and support its current deliveries, the growing backlog and mounting demand.

August 2, 2022   Full report

Powers to head up sales at GPMS

The former Airbus Helicopters leader will expand the footprint of Foresight MX. The system improves the safety and efficiency of operations as well as significantly reducing maintenance costs.

May 15, 2022   Full report