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From heli-skiing to firefighting to search and rescue and everything in between, Blackcomb flies in very challenging weather conditions and needs to know its aircraft is ready to fly when the weather is right.

Blackcomb covers demanding regions with Foresight MX

With certifications or certification work covering various OEMs on rotorcraft as small as the MD 530F to as large as the CH-47D, Foresight MX has been proven as a strong choice for mixed operators like Blackcomb.

August 13, 2023   Full report

Many AS332s are finding new purpose in the utility and firefighting sectors.

Precision selects Foresight for HUMS provision

With Foresight MX, Precision is ahead of many of its competitors and is ready to meet these requirements from day one. Precision's Part 145 repair station has been a great friend to GPMS since its founding.

August 13, 2023   Full report

PHI has long been known as a leader in the advancement of helicopter HUMS operations.

PHI becomes certified installer of GPMS Foresight MX

PHI MRO Services will offer installation services to customers at its MRO facility in Lafayette, Louisiana, or at its customers' facilities. With this partnership, PHI will install Foresight MX HUMS on helicopters globally.

June 23, 2023   Full report

Augusta is now home to Georgia's first electric-aircraft charging station.

Beta installs electric charging stations at Augusta Regional

Installation of four chargers positions the airport to support operations and recharge of all types of electric vehicle, both air and ground based, powering the next generation of transportation in Georgia.

March 30, 2023   Full report

With Foresight MX, the generational leap in HUMS capabilities makes it easy for operators to share details on how the aircraft is performing.

MD Helicopters sticks with Foresight MX

Since the STC announcement early last year, three installations of Foresight MX have been completed on the MD 530F platform. MD Helicopters has extended its relationship with an option to install in Arizona.

March 24, 2023   Full report