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DRF opts for AMOS integrated software solution
By selecting AMOS, DRF will be able to manage a mix of fixed and rotary wing aircraft in a fully integrated system, and will also be able to utilise functions that are critical for rotorcraft, such as the counters in AMOS.
DRF's legacy software was implemented back in the 1980s.

DRF Luftrettung, one of Europe's major air rescue companies based in Germany, has signed a contract with Swiss AviationSoftware regarding the license and implementation of AMOS, Swiss-AS' fully-integrated MRO software solution.

Over the last few decades, DRF's Part 145 scope of work, number of staff and facilities have steadily expanded. The company's growth has brought challenges with it. To face and tackle these, DRF performed an extensive process-streamlining project where its maintenance software was also reviewed. The legacy software was implemented in the 1980s, and with the company wide review it became evident that new maintenance software was required.

The operator has been impressed with the functionality of the AMOS MRO edition. Considering DRF's varied fleet, having one common and highly integrated system should help the customer to have at any time a clear and complete overview of its fleet maintenance requirements and activities. The project was kicked off in October. Swiss-AS will staff the project mainly with German speaking employees to enable smooth communication.

Over the past few years, Swiss-AS had added many new functions for helicopter operators, while the AMOS rotary wing customer base has also increased considerably and now counts eight companies. Currently, five AMOS implementations are running in parallel at helicopter operators.

By selecting AMOS, DRF will not only be able to manage a mix of fixed and rotary wing aircraft in a fully integrated system, it will also be able to utilise functions that are far more critical for rotary wing aircraft, such as the counters in AMOS. Being especially able to create and customise an unlimited number of counters will allow DRF to accurately track multiple parameters on the aircraft and components and in turn manage their maintenance requirements. As its fleet can have regular mission configuration adaptations, AMOS functions such as Configuration Definition and Configuration Control ensure that all related effectivity driven events are updated accordingly.

When the first customer of Swiss-AS, the Swiss Air-Rescue (Rega) signed for AMOS in 1992, the foundation was laid for ensuring that AMOS complied with the special requirements of the helicopter maintenance industry by providing dedicated functions in the system only relevant for helicopters, such as: vibration monitoring to identify early stages of helicopter component degradation; dynamic counter options to optimise maintenance control and performance; a complete suite of engineering requirements to control the helicopter specific maintenance needs; management of extensive pooling contracts; mission logic (individual system capability set up aligned to the types of missions flown); and in-depth effectivity rule logic to track fleet uniformity or customer preference.

DRF Luftrettung can fully rely on AMOS due to AMOS not being in any way limited to specific helicopter types, but covering the wide range of different helicopter OEM requirements.

“We are convinced that AMOS is the perfect match for DRF Luftrettung,” says Ronald Schaeuffele Scherer, CEO of Swiss-AS. “The fact that our very first customer was also an air rescue company who still relies on AMOS almost 30 years later reflects the versatility of AMOS in catering to the unique needs of rotary wing as well as fixed wing aircraft.”

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