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Raisbeck prop picks up King Air 200 STC approval
King Air 200 owners and operators can now get their hands on Raisbeck’s composite five blade swept propellers. They are lighter and have unlimited blade life.
The FAA has given STC approval for Raisbeck's composite five blade swept propeller.

Raisbeck Engineering has received supplemental type certificate (STC) approval from the FAA for its composite five blade swept propeller for the Beechcraft King Air 200 series aircraft. The STC approval paves the way for the company to begin deliveries to owners and operators in December.

Designed to improve performance and passenger comfort, the new five blade composite propeller delivers more than 15 per cent greater take off acceleration, over 20 per cent better climb rate and a 30 per cent noise reduction throughout the aircraft.

Manufactured by Hartzell Propeller and constructed of structural carbon fibre composite with nickel cobalt leading edges to protect against foreign object damage, the new propeller system optimises airfoil efficiency, allowing for a larger 96 inch diameter propeller with less blade tip noise. It also offers King Air operators an average of 48 pounds total weight savings versus factory-standard propellers and features unlimited blade life, thereby lowering maintenance and overhaul costs.

“We're very excited about this latest performance improvement certification for the King Air 200 aircraft,” says president Lynn Thomas. “Our new composite five blade propeller will enable King Air owners to take advantage of a broader offering and more opportunity to upgrade the performance of their aircraft.”

STC approval efforts are to begin immediately for EASA, Transport Canada and the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil.

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