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TRU Simulation introduces lifelike, cost-effective VR flight training
TRU Simulation reveals its latest VR flight simulator, a cost-effective training solution for pilots. Bell Training Academy will be the launch customer for the Veris for the Bell 505.
The Veris VR simulator is designed to meet both FAA flight training device level 7 and EASA flight training device level 3 standards. Certification activities with both FAA and EASA are in process.
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TRU Simulation has unveiled its Veris virtual reality (VR) flight simulator, providing helicopter and fixed-wing model customers with a more cost-effective and innovative solution for pilot training. The Veris is a clean-sheet design that combines features of a full flight simulator (FFS) with immersive VR technology. Bell Training Academy (BTA) is to be the launch customer, the first to use the Veris simulator for training on the Bell 505 helicopter later this year.

"TRU is dedicated to advancing simulation technology through innovation. The Veris offers the benefits of a full flight simulator experience in a compact, cost-effective and pioneering design," says vice president and general manager Jerry Messaris. "Furthermore, due to its innovative clean-sheet design and focus on efficiency, the manufacturing process for this simulator is highly streamlined. We eagerly anticipate the enthusiastic reception of this groundbreaking new category of simulators by the BTA, rotorcraft and fixed-wing communities."

The Veris is designed to meet both FAA flight training device Level 7 and EASA flight training device Level 3 standards. Certification activities with both FAA and EASA are in process.

"The Bell Training Academy is honoured to be the official launch customer for the Veris VR flight simulator for the Bell 505 and provide advanced training solutions to the aircraft's growing customer base," says general manager Chad Sparks. "Our world-renowned institution aims to deliver the most comprehensive maintenance and flight training for Bell customers, and we're excited to collaborate with TRU Simulation, another Textron business unit, to support Bell's global network."

The Veris simulator includes a fully electric six degrees-of-freedom motion base to produce accurate flight cues and vibrations. It also features TRU's REALFeel control loading system, providing the same realistic flight control sensations found in its Level D full flight simulators. Tactile cockpit panels allow the pilot to interact with the aircraft switches and avionics just as they would in the aircraft. Finally, a VR headset replaces the traditional visual system, immersing the pilot into the flight environment.

Veris components include:

- TRU's new Image generator, powered by Unreal Engine

- Electric six degrees-of-freedom motion base

- Custom modelled airports

- Varjo VR/MR headset

- Digital electric control loading system

- Newly designed Instructor operating system

- Qualification test guide testing

- Remote instructor control unit

- Lesson plan and debrief systems (optional)

TRU's Veris VR flight simulator will leverage the same flight data, software baselines and advanced technologies used in its top-end Level D FFS to produce an identical great experience in a virtual world, which brings a higher level of fidelity and accessibility to simulator devices. The device is designed to accommodate multiple rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircraft types.

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