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Buyer's Guide: The future is not what it used to be
The jet world has changed. If you still believe the old adage: "If you have to ask how much fuel it burns, you can't afford it'', you have not tried to sell a jet to the new buyers of today.

The jet world has changed. If you still believe the old adage: "If you have to ask how much fuel it burns, you can't afford it'', you have not tried to sell a jet to the new buyers of today. The newer models are focusing on winglets with longer range and efficiency. Interior pressurisation levels for longer range aircraft are becoming more and more competitive. Cabin features are super hi-tech and more luxurious. At the end of the day, size matters! Here is a short recap of the newest products by the manufacturers that are expected in the very near future.

Citation M2

Projected first delivery early 2013

This is a higher entry level Citation that fits between the Mustang and the CJ2+, bridging the gap between an 'entry-level' jet and a model that is slightly more established and should be a great one if you are a first time buyer and testing the waters.

It has a maximum range of 1,300nm, which will offer the best range in its class giving you more value for money. It also comes with a completely redesigned cabin with new cabinets, more space efficient side rails and upgraded chairs. As a bonus it also gives you better hot-and-high airport performance than its direct competitor, giving you much more flexibility on your destination airport. This model could definitely tempt turboprop owners who want to upgrade to a jet for the first time, but not wanting to compromise on size.

Embraer Legacy 500

Projected first delivery Q4 2013

This aircraft will be a new entry into the super mid-size category. One of the biggest selling points for it will be the largest, most spacious cabin in its class and its particularly impressive range (3,000nm). Also, for those with baggage concerns, its baggage compartment is accessible in flight as well as an external heated (optional) compartment. This aircraft might also appeal if interior design is of particular importance as it offers great flexibility with a choice of five floor plan configurations. Who wants a jet like this? It would most likely suit those who want the cabin of a super mid-size jet, at a lower purchase and operating cost.

Gulfstream G650

Projected first delivery Q3 2012

One of the most impressive features of the G650 is its ability to fly eight passengers (plus four crew members) a total distance of 7,000nm non-stop, which is by far the furthest capability of any business jet on the market. It has a longer, wider and taller cabin than any other in its class as well as one of the lowest cabin altitudes of any business jet. It boasts 16 signature super-sized oval windows to flood the cabin with natural light and also has 12 floorplans to choose from. This latest Gulfstream will certainly appeal to loyal G-V/550 owners, but also Global Express/XRS owners lured by the extra range capability. Of course with the price being the highest of any business jet below the VIP airliners, you get what you pay for. If speed matters, there is no faster corporate jet in the sky.

Global 6000

Projected first delivery Q2 2012

This aircraft is the newest version of the Global XRS. It is reported to be super quiet with an average noise level of just 48.3db SIL. The Global 6000 also boasts impressive new technology, including the Global Vision cockpit and, as an added bonus, the auto brake is equipped as standard. The Global 6000 will definitely appeal to loyal Bombardier customers already content with the renowned spacious cabin and comfort provided by the Global family.

Gulfstream 280

Projected first delivery Q3 2012

This aircraft has the longest range and fastest cruise speed in the super mid-size category along with the most spacious cabin, seating 10 passengers. The G280 is also breaking new ground with the introduction of auto-braking in this category of business jet. It is not just a G200 upgrade. With the new wing, this aircraft is a completely different animal capable of airport temperatures, elevations and lengths unobtainable with the previous G200.

Falcon 2000S

Projected first delivery Q1 2013

This aircraft offers buyers an innovative wing design and ultra-efficient engines for reduced consumption and lower emissions. It also offers a 20 per cent larger cabin than most other mid-size jets. For those who value advanced technology, the Falcon 2000S comes with an advanced cabin management system including HDTV monitors and a media centre with multiple audio video sources.

For those who value something a little different about the interior, Falcon have partnered with BMW to create a new design concept. This is a good option for those who want the comfort of a larger cabin at the cost of a smaller aircraft.

Citation Ten

Projected first delivery Q4 2013

Lured by speed? Then the new Citation Ten is one to watch. With a max speed of Mach .91 it is even faster than its predecessor, the Citation X. Design changes include a longer fuselage allowing for more legroom in the cabin and additional storage space, and the addition of winglets as standard means increased range and fuel efficiency. With its increased maximum take-off weight, the Citation Ten allows you to carry a higher payload ever further. The new Rolls-Royce engines have been installed with redesigned fan blades and give additional thrust during take-off, climb and cruise. This aircraft will certainly appeal to existing Citation X owners who want to benefit from the increased speed, range and longer cabin.

Steve Varsano has been in aviation since 1977, selling over 300 aircraft to date. He has worked for the American Association of Airport Executives and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association in Washington DC where he lobbied various Congressional and Senate Committees. His latest venture, The Jet Business, is the world's first corporate aviation showroom for new and pre-owned business aircraft.

EBACE is all about new business aircraft

The aircraft manufacturers like to keep their major model announcements secret until show-time, so look out at this year's EBACE for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Daher-Socata, Dassault, Embraer, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, Honda, Piaggio and Pilatus, along with rotary offerings from AgustaWestland, Bell and Eurocopter. See contact details and news from all of them on our web guide to EBACE.

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