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SD automates flight-log reporting and bolsters IT training
SD PostFlight from Satcom Direct takes the onus off pilots to manually input flight data upon landing, and team members can be linked in too. The accuracy of data means maintenance intervals can be extended.
With demand for IT experts constantly on the rise, Satcom Direct is schooling vital industry talent.
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Satcom Direct (SD) has released SD PostFlight, a web-based software that automatically populates the aircraft flight log with all available data relating to flight times and cycle events for each leg of a journey. The automated and timely record keeping precision of critical flight data reduces pilot workload, minimises human error and improves operational efficiency by synchronising the flight department, crew and maintenance teams with autonomous flight log information.

The aircraft movement data is delivered via SD's datalink service, FlightDeck Freedom, and is immediately captured after each flight event. The information is accurate to the minute and autonomously populated in SD Pro, providing all flight operation team members with instant, direct access to the data. The increased accuracy of data can extend the time between scheduled maintenance events, reducing aircraft down time and improving maintenance budget management.

In addition, data from SD PostFlight can be integrated with third party maintenance management tracking systems, including CAMP, MyCMP and FlightDocs. To support warranty programmes, customers can also choose to have data pushed to engine OEMs, with Rolls-Royce already signed up to receive operational performance records.

Supporting the SD philosophy of providing customers with agnostic, tailored solutions, SD PostFlight is also available as an independent module that can integrate with third-party scheduling systems through an intelligent API. The product's ability to instantly and exactly record complex information marks SD's first foray into aviation data management.

“In a digital age, it is essential that we provide our customers with a highly accurate way of collecting, aggregating and storing flight data. It increases the visibility of the aircraft's actual performance, can help optimise aircraft usage, improve maintenance efficiency and eliminate errors inevitable from a paper-based record keeping system,” says president of SD Business Aviation Chris Moore. “We can improve safety too by effectively communicating with maintenance tracking systems and reducing crew workload, all of which is highly valuable to an operator. ”

To support the near real-time recording, the SD Crew mobile app allows pilots to log Out, Off, On, and In (OOOI) times, fuel levels and fuel uplift, crew data and leg notes off-line to make logging and verification more timely and accurate. Future releases will capture flight expenses and accommodation costs, which can improve accounting accuracy for flight departments.

The company is also introducing a set of new strategic alliances with third-party systems. The seamless integration of digital pre-flight trip-planning into the intelligent data management platform SD Pro conveniently centralises flight operations.

Flight departments subscribed to SD Scheduler will have the ability to integrate services from ForeFlight, Universal Weather and Aviation and World Fuel Services into the SD Pro flight management system. Access to the services through one single platform delivers valuable functionality for flight departments, maintenance teams and flight deck crew. In addition it ensures all members of the flight team have simultaneous visibility of the flight across all digital platforms.

Integration with SD's FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) datalink service also enables trip status updates related to aircraft movements, ETA changes, diversions, hazardous weather and security events. The synchronised operations through all phases of flight delivers increased efficiencies, improved budgeting and reduced operational costs.

Customers now have access to a centralised operational ecosystem through the SD Pro digital dashboard. “We have purposefully built our technology so that we can deliver functionality that our customers want and need. With SD Xperience we introduced the ability to select the systems that exactly match their needs, and now with the latest integrations from the third-party systems we have centralised flight management giving customers easy access to cricital information in one single dashboard,” adds Moore. “We have always maintained an agnostic approach to give customers connectivity solutions that meet and exceed expectations. The addition of integrated services through our open architecture structure has created an ecosystem that gives our customers even more control and visibility of their flight operations.”

In response to the growing demand for more qualified IT experts in the business aviation sector, the company is also strengthening its industry-focused training programme. The second edition of aeroIT, SD's aviation IT certification, is now available with renewed content and an exam updated to reflect the changes. SD's training programmes have been added to the curricula offered at both FlightSafety International and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and the number of SD digital self-learning courses is growing.

Revisions to the aeroIT course place more focus on cybersecurity, the latest communications systems and information technology advancements.“Our approach is holistic, so our network partners are incredibly important to us,” explains SD director of training Jason Rigby. “We are excited to provide enhanced access to our materials via the highly respected FlightSafety and Embry-Riddle establishments and our improved LMS. We know that an always-on generation expects connectivity to perform all the time and this drives our continuous educational development programme so we can support our customers, so they can support their passengers, crew and employees.”

For 2020 SD plans to add more courses and will be updating aeroCNCT to provide ongoing support for cabin crew and flight technicians.

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