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Honda extends partnership with FlightSafety
As the HondaJet fleet size continues to grow globally with high aircraft utilisation, so the training network must expand. FlightSafety will continue providing operators with the highest fidelity training for another 25 years.
FlightSafety International president and CEO Brad Thress with Honda Aircraft Company president and CEO Hideto Yamasaki.

Honda Aircraft Company and FlightSafety International have extended their existing 15 year partnership by 25 years, continuing the two companies’ innovative relationship until 2047. The agreement builds on a partnership that combines the strengths of both parties across different sectors to provide training to HondaJet owners and operators with the highest level of safety, while setting a strong, long term commitment to aviation.

“We are committed to providing HondaJet customers with the best training, and the collaboration between Honda Aircraft Company and FlightSafety International will continue to enhance these programmes,” says president and CEO Hideto Yamasaki. “As the HondaJet fleet size continues to grow globally with high aircraft utilisation, it is important to expand the HondaJet training network to best accommodate customer needs.”

“This is a key milestone for FlightSafety and HondaJet that emphasises our strong long-standing partnership,” adds FlightSafety International president and CEO Brad Thress. “We are proud to be the authorised training provider for a state-of-the art aircraft like the HondaJet. It’s an honour to continue providing its operators the highest fidelity training.”

Anew FAA-certified HondaJet Level D full flight simulator now is located at the aircraft OEM’s Greensboro, North Carolina world headquarters. This is in addition to one simulator already in use at the same location and another that is available in Farnborough, England.

More than 600 pilots have completed the HA-420 initial pilot course to date. Now, the new simulator in Greensboro will double training capacity, serving more customers and significantly reducing the wait time for new and returning HondaJet pilots. This enhanced training efficiency will help meet increasing demand from Honda Aircraft Company’s growing customer base for top quality service.

The HondaJet cockpit is built for optimum safety based on ergonomic design and state-of-art situational awareness. It is also highly automated, while reducing pilot workload and providing additional assistance for more efficient operations, all to make flying easier, safer and more enjoyable. The cockpit is unquestionably built around the pilot to enable either single pilot or crew operation. The flight simulator delivers the same experience in which pilots will learn to fly with confidence.

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