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Flexjet   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Flexjet adds private helicopter division
June 11, 2022
The Flexjet fleet of Sikorsky S-76 helicopters will provide on demand transportation regionally as well as for last-mile trips for owners of Flexjet aircraft travelling from airports to their final destinations.
GE system will reduce unplanned maintenance at Flexjet
May 23, 2022
Fast-growing Flexjet finds a new home in Farnborough
May 23, 2022
Flexjet seeks pilots for 50 incoming aircraft
April 11, 2022
Flexjet maintains FAA aircraft maintenance excellence
March 28, 2022
January 24, 2022IS-BAO accreditation is key step for Flexjet Europe
November 1, 2021Flexjet secures FAA active conformance for safety management system
August 9, 2021Flexjet leads the way by using SAF at Monterey
July 23, 2021Maltese AOC will enable Flexjet to spread wings in Europe
July 19, 2021Flexjet G650 programme enables right-sizing of aircraft
June 23, 2021Flexjet calls on Viasat to install high bandwidth IFC
May 21, 2021Flexjet commits to carbon reduction in Europe and beyond
May 10, 2021Directional branches into vertical lift with Halo and AAG
April 13, 2021Flexjet opens exclusive Van Nuys terminal
January 11, 2021Flexjet provides its owners with whole body health checks
December 28, 2020Flexjet distributes speedy COVID test to staff
December 1, 2020First Praetor 600 arrives with Embraer enthusiast Flexjet
March 23, 2020Flexjet crews to be transported by internal fleet
March 17, 2020Flexjet to coat fleet in protective shield
January 3, 2020Flexjet gallops into 2020 with polo team sponsorship
January 2, 2020Praetor 500 delivery is a first for Flexjet
November 10, 2019CAE takes on SimCom and broadens DAC arrangement
October 28, 2019Flexjet has foresight to join Boeing's ForeFlight
October 22, 2019Flexjet flexes financial muscle with sizeable Embraer signing
October 22, 2019Glad tidings for Gulfstream as it unveils G700
October 21, 2019Flexjet House opens in London’s Mayfair
August 31, 2019Directional signs fleets up with CAE and SimCom
July 22, 2019Flexjet keeps a close eye on midsize and long range types
June 4, 2019Wilcox leads day-based programme at Flexjet
May 14, 2019Flexjet sets the safety tone with IAS renewal
February 5, 2019Ricci singled out for extraordinary accomplishments
July 5, 2017Flexjet makes Nextant strides
June 7, 2017FlairJet opens Surf Air Europe's account with Phenom management agreement
March 9, 2017Flexjet opens for business in Europe as a trio of Nextants arrive
September 22, 2016Flexjet makes European strides through FlairJet acquisition
June 3, 2016Jones to lead fractional Flexjet's foray into European operations
December 7, 2006Delta AirElite increases fleet further with Challenger 604
August 16, 2006Flexjet 25 card offers new options
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