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Flexjet training academy teaches high-end hospitality
The standards in cabin experience delivered at Flexjet's new Red Label Academy in Farnborough now match those of any European five star hotel. The finishing school will train both US and European cabin servers.
Inside the Red Label Academy.

Flexjet has set the standard for service experience in its field for over 25 years, and the company is now raising the bar higher still with a training programme for its global cabin servers. The 'finishing school' style training will take place in The Red Label Academy, a new and dedicated facility at Flexjet's Farnborough airport location in Hampshire, UK.

Red Label is Flexjet's service and hospitality ethos for its aircraft owners; in addition to cabin service (and in Europe every Flexjet flight includes at least one cabin server), this includes its boutique hotel-style LXi cabin interiors, crew dedicated to each individual aircraft and a range of invitations to curated private and VIP events.

The Red Label Academy will act as a centre for excellence globally, with both US and European Flexjet cabin servers trained by experts to deliver five star hospitality in the skies. All Flexjet cabin servers come into the role with prior private aviation experience, but the academy is designed to add another level of service mastery and polish. Flexjet's existing team of over 130 cabin servers will undertake advanced training focused on refinement, with new recruits taking a longer course that also covers the key fundamentals.

The programme is led by Flexjet's vice president of customer experience Francesco Vanerio, who brings his extensive five star hotel experience to the private aviation sector, including from the award-winning Villa d'Este in Lake Como, Italy. Dedicated experts in other fields will deliver masterclasses in specific skills such as mixology, wine serving, floristry and sushi presentation, alongside scenario-based service training and how to prepare and style the cabin to meet Flexjet's exacting standards.

"Our fantastic cabin servers embody our unique Red Label ethos and are the frontline of our aircraft owners' experience of Flexjet," says CEO Megan Wolf. "We are proud and delighted to open this world-class training facility and programme, which sets us apart in the industry in terms of refinement and attention-to-detail. The new standards in cabin experience have now been elevated to match that of a top European five-star hotel."

Part of the programme will be delivered by The Dorchester Collection Academy and is designed to immerse the cabin servers in a world of luxury hospitality and to allow them experience for themselves how it feels to receive exceptional service; each cabin server enjoys an afternoon tea and a night's stay at The Dorchester in London.

The focus on the emotional impact of great service is also continued back at the Red Label Academy, with modules on how to make passengers feel special and cared for via highly personalised attention to detail; assessing their needs on any given occasion using body language and behaviour; and through observing cultural differences. Cabin servers are also trained in specific skills to serve children and pets on board flights.

The Academy incorporates individual workspaces, cabin and galley mockups so that cabin servers can be trained to work in Flexjet's different aircraft types.

Co-CEO Mike Silvestro adds: "Our company continues to grow considerably, with over 270 fixed wing aircraft now in our global fleet and many more to be added next year and beyond. As we expand our global team of cabin servers, this impressive new facility will ensure that we continue to deliver and refine the extraordinary cabin experience that Flexjet owners enjoy and expect."

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