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Electra Aero, Inc.   (U.S.A.)
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News from Business Air News
Electra acquires Airflow for faster scale up
June 13, 2022
Both Electra and Airflow have been building blown-lift, eSTOL aircraft. Jointly under the Electra brand the companies will see lower costs and a much more straightforward path to certification than vertical lift variants.
Electra joins NASA AAM national campaign
June 9, 2022
Electra’s hybrid eSTOL aircraft team will participate in an information exchange with NASA to speed the development of an ecosystem to support new vehicles and technologies to expand urban air mobility.
JP Stewart to guide Electra through to launch
April 14, 2022
Aerial glider and entrepreneur JP Stewart is named vice president and general manager of He will lead the company through the first flight of the full tech demonstrator to certification and production.
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