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Airflow partners with Pipistrel to develop eSTOL propulsion
Pipistrel has designed many different experimental and serially produced electric aircraft and propulsion systems. This expertise makes it the ideal partner for Airflow as it gears up to test its own eSTOL vehicle.
Pipistrel will aid Airflow by supplying essential propulsion elements to the development of its eSTOL vehicle.
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Slovenian aircraft designer Pipistrel has agreed to work with eSTOL developer to supply motors, motor controllers and batteries for Airflow's proof-of-concept aircraft.

Pipistrel made the first type-certified electric aircraft, the VELIS Electro. Airflow says Pipistrel's expertise in clean sheet design through to completion makes it an ideal partner as it moves to design, build and test its own full-scale proof-of-concept eSTOL vehicle.

“Pipistrel's pioneering work in electric flight and its industry-leading experience in building and certifying powertrains for electric aircraft make it an ideal partner to help us build and fly a first-of-its kind eSTOL airplane,” says Airflow CEO and co-founder Marc Ausman. “It understands and can meet the challenges of a high-performance system with the reliability and safety requirements of the aerospace industry.”

“There are a lot of ideas flooding the market, which is exciting to see, but not all are based on real technology and realistic aerospace timescales. It makes it hard to clearly see the aircraft that are best-positioned to meet their targets,” adds Pipistrel CEO Ivo Boscarol. “The Airflow team understands what it takes to bring a new electric aircraft to market and its experience building and flying the Airbus Vahana makes it one of the best positioned teams to accomplish this.”

Other News
ZeroAvia to optimise fuel cell-powered propulsion for Otto’s Celera
June 21, 2022
ZeroAvia's ZA600 zero-emission engines are to be fitted into Otto's Celera aircraft. The efficiency gains from new airframe design, rather than retrofitting, can expand the impact of zero-emission aviation.
Powertrain deal brings H-electric thrust to Monte turboprop lease offer
June 16, 2022
ZeroAvia and Monte have struck a deal for 100 hydrogen-electric powertrains to enable zero-emission aircraft leasing. The companies aim to retrofit the aircraft for regional operators starting 2024.
Electra acquires Airflow for faster scale up
June 13, 2022
Both Electra and Airflow have been building blown-lift, eSTOL aircraft. Jointly under the Electra brand the companies will see lower costs and a much more straightforward path to certification than vertical lift variants.