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Airflow explores airborne radar following Honeywell agreement
Honeywell's RDR-84K radar system can detect traffic up to three kilometres out and generate its own avoidance algorithms using an onboard processor. Airflow plans to use the technology in its future eSTOL.
In future, Airflow eSTOLs could be equipped with Honeywell’s multi-role RDR-84K radar.

US eSTOL manufacturer Airflow has signed a memorandum of understanding with Honeywell to explore the integration of Honeywell's IntuVue RDR-84K radar system onto its aircraft.

Airflow plans to develop technology demonstrators in the next few years and fully autonomous, cargo-carrying vehicles in the next decade. The initial outcome of this relationship is to assess the suitability of new Honeywell technology for an eSTOL manned aircraft for the sub-regional passenger and cargo markets.

The two companies will evaluate applications for the RDR-84K, a multi-role radar about the size of a paperback book. The RDR-84K can detect other traffic out to three kilometres and generates its own avoidance algorithms using an onboard processor. It can also detect ground obstacles, map terrain, detect weather, identify landing zones, act as a radar altimeter and provide alternate navigation if GPS guidance fails.

“Honeywell is an industry leader in designing, developing and manufacturing sensor systems, flight control systems and more; all of which are critical to the successful and safe operation of our eSTOL manned aircraft,” says Airflow CEO and co-founder Marc Ausman. “Our partnership with Honeywell brings a solid aerospace heritage along with leading-edge technology to new electric aircraft. We're excited to have such a reputable manufacturing partner aboard our journey as we accelerate this newly emerging market segment.”

“Honeywell recognises the impact that an eSTOL manned aircraft can have on not only passenger and middle-mile logistics operations, but also on building a sustainable future for aviation. We want our technologies to be a part of that journey and future,” adds Honeywell VP and general manager, UAM Stéphane Fymat.

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