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Air Partners Jets renews Wyvern Wingman certification

A successful audit conducted in March 2023 means the operator has again secured its Wyvern Wingman designation.

June 7, 2023   Full report receives Wyvern certification once more

Only two per cent of charter broker companies worldwide have attained Wyvern's Registered Broker status, and fewer still have achieved the esteemed Broker certification, Wyvern's highest and rigorous safety ranking.

June 5, 2023   Full report

Wingman operators not only conform to international standards, they also embrace transparency with their safety data.

Premier certified after passing Wyvern audit

Premier Private Jets operates a fleet of company-owned light and medium-size jets, as well as FAR Part 145 certified repair stations at Witham Field (SUA) in Stuart, Florida and Oakland International County airport.

May 20, 2023   Full report

Talon gets a grip on Wyvern certification

At Talon Air, the team understands that operational safety is paramount, and it is proud to adhere to the highest industry standards to ensure its clients have a safe and comfortable travel experience.

May 19, 2023   Full report

The event was marked by a large ceremony at the OEM's headquarters in Stans, Switzerland and attended by over 2,000 employees.

PlaneSense receives milestone Pilatus PC-12

On average, there are over 70 PC-12s in the air at any given time. In 2022 alone, Pilatus produced 80 PC-12s in the heart of Switzerland for delivery all over the world. PlaneSense will fly unit number two thousand.

May 19, 2023   Full report