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Business Air News

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Chief marketing officer Will Dent.

Will Dent joins Elevate as CMO

Will Dent brings his tremendous experience building and deploying digital tools to attract and convert prospects to Elevate. He has grown a strong network across the business aviation industry.

September 19, 2022   Full report

General counsel Lora McSherry.

Lora McSherry joins Air Planning as general counsel

With the increase in the complexity of contracts, having an attorney on the staff is a significant competitive advantage. Newly appointed Wyvern Broker Air Planning is benefiting from Lora McSherry's expertise.

September 6, 2022   Full report

Pro Star's team of new maintenance technicians.

Pro Star fills tech positions to meet maintenance demand

Business aviation is thriving, and Pro Star has recruited five technicians to ensure it can manage growth and deliver aircraft on time to get customers back in the air.

September 6, 2022   Full report

AirSprint’s 10th Cessna Citation CJ3+ on the tarmac.

Citation CJ3+ delivery is tenth for AirSprint

The latest Citation CJ3+ delivery takes newly appointed Wyvern Wingman PRO-certified AirSprint's Cessna fleet to 16, and addresses its growing demand for sustainable business flights.

September 4, 2022   Full report

STA Jets renews Wyvern Wingman certification

The leadership at STA Jets tips its hat to the folk at Wyvern for making its commitment to safety transparent, stronger and easier to communicate.

August 29, 2022   Full report