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ASG renews Wyvern Wingman certification

Aircraft Services Group is very proud of its continued achievement with Wyvern's Wingman certification, a result of the entire team's safety first focus.

November 17, 2023   Full report

International Air Charters is a Wyvern Wingman certified operator.

International Air Charters gains Wingman status

Not only has IAC successfully completed its Wingman audit and gained certification, but it will further partner with Wyvern by participating in the Flight Leader Programme.

October 23, 2023   Full report

GE Digital partners with Wyvern to enhance flight safety

More and higher-quality data from C-FOQA enables QSMS users to better connect the flight safety ecosystem and provide clients with a more holistic flight safety picture, giving context to why safety incidents occur.

October 23, 2023   Full report

APS champions upset training with safety auditors

Leading aviation safety auditors APS, Wyvern, SOS, ASC and AvSafety have come together to address upset training in order to combat Loss of Control In-flight (LOC-I).

October 23, 2023   Full report

Thrive Aviation has secured its Wyvern Wingman designation.

Thrive Aviation becomes Wyvern Wingman operator

Wyvern Wingman certification is a cemented promise to clients that Thrive will maintain certification compliance in its daily flight operations and maintenance practices.

October 18, 2023   Full report