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Beta instals Mississippi's first electric aviation charger
Beta Technologies flew its all-electric Alia aircraft into Golden Triangle Regional airport in Columbus, Mississippi to conduct the inaugural charge on the airport's newly commissioned airside charger.
Beta Tech's all-electric ALIA aircraft 'fills up' on the newly commissioned airside charger at Golden Triangle Regional airport in Mississippi.

Mississippi's first-ever electric aviation charging station has been installed and commissioned at the Golden Triangle Regional airport (GTR). One Beta Tech fast charger is located airside on the ramp at Avflight's FBO, and a dual port electric vehicle charger is carside for members of the public.

Beta's charging stations are multimodal and interoperable, capable of powering electric aircraft and ground vehicles alike. The chargers are designed with the combined charging system standard to prioritise vehicle compatibility, offering universal utility to benefit the varied patrons of Avflight and GTR.

"The Golden Triangle Regional airport is excited to announce the opening of Mississippi's first electric aircraft charger," says executive director Matt Dowell. "This new installation is a significant step toward advancing the airport and region's aviation infrastructure and supporting the growth of electric aircraft technology."

Executive director of the Golden Triangle Development LINK Joe Max Higgins adds: "The Golden Triangle region is at the forefront of economic development in the southeast. Beta's decision to place the state's first electric charging station for aircraft at the Golden Triangle Regional airport is an indication that we are bringing leading technology to our state."

GTR has installed one Level 3 fast-charger located inside the fence (air side), which will primarily be used by electric aircraft, and one Level 2 charger located outside the fence (car side), which will primarily be used by members of the public who drive electric vehicles.

"As electric transportation continues to grow, and electric aviation specifically moves closer to market operations, charging infrastructure will only become more and more important," saysBeta head of network development Nate Ward. "We're excited to have partners like Golden Triangle Regional and Avflight, whose foresight and innovative approach are leading the entire state of Mississippi forward. As we continue to deploy our chargers in key markets and as the entire industry continues to grow, these chargers will help accelerate connectivity across the country."

"We are proud to have collaborated with airport leadership and Beta Technologies to bring the latest in sustainable energy to GTR," says Avflight vice president of finance and treasurer Garrett Hain. "By offering a fast commercial charging station on the Avflight ramp, along with a dual port electric vehicle charger for the parking lot, we're able to host an array of sustainably-powered vehicles like Beta's Alia-250 aircraft. It's not only an investment in our FBO and airport, but also an investment in our community and environment."

The airport held a commissioning event on 9 February, with representatives from GTR, Beta and Avflight in attendance. Beta also flew its all-electric Alia aircraft into GTR to receive the inaugural airside charge. The aircraft, one of two configurations Beta is currently developing and certifying with the FAA, arrived in Mississippi following a demonstration in Houma, Louisiana with partners at Bristow and a months-long deployment with the US Air Force at Duke Field in Florida.

This effort was a collaboration among many entities, among them Mississippi State University (MSU). Rob Premo, director of MSU's Raspet Flight Research Laboratory, notes: "The location of Beta's new charging facility at GTR promises to create expanded opportunities for us to work together to further advance aviation research as we continue to explore safe integration of our national airspace."

"We are thrilled that Beta Technologies has chosen to lease land to operate an aircraft electrical charging facility near Mississippi State University, home to the FAA's Center of Excellence for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ASSURE) and the Raspet Flight Research Laboratory," adds Stephen P Luxion, executive director of ASSURE. "Previous collaboration with Beta in surveying and forecasting the AAM industry for the FAA has laid the groundwork for safely integrating this emerging technology into the nation's airspace. With Beta right next door, we eagerly anticipate future opportunities to join forces and propel this new technology to new heights."

This charge site in Mississippi is part of a growing national network of electric infrastructure that Beta is building out across the US. Over the past several months, Beta has commissioned five chargers in five states and has sold chargers to the Department of Defense, Atlantic Aviation and Archer Aviation. Currently, it has chargers online at 18 site locations from Vermont to Arkansas, Alabama and Florida, with more than 55 additional sites in development for public and private use by commercial, military and medical entities.

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