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FAA approves ClearVision under AerAware on Boeing 737NG
ClearVision is certified for EFVS operations all the way to touchdown and rollout in low visibility conditions. It improves accessibility to most airports and increases approach capacity at congested airports.
First aircraft to be certified with a full Enhanced Flight Vision System featuring dual wearable HUD, Panoramic Synthetic Vision, and 50 per cent reduction in minimum visibility requirements.
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The FAA has granted Universal Avionics STC approval for AerAware on the Boeing 737NG, an enhanced flight vision system powered by ClearVision. This achievement marks the world's first EFVS to achieve a 50 per cent reduction in minimum visibility requirements and the first aircraft to be certified with a complete dual-pilot EFVS solution featuring a wearable head-up display.

This approved installation of Universal's ClearVision includes dual SkyLens head-wearable displays (HWD) and an EVS-5000 multispectral camera, providing head-up capabilities to overcome low visibility both day and night. Marketed as AerAware, the solution is the result of a partnership with AerSale Corp, which led the design, installation, flight testing and certification efforts to gain STC approval.

"Certified for EFVS operations all the way to touchdown and rollout in low visibility conditions, ClearVision improves accessibility to most airports and increases approach capacity at congested airports, leading to fewer delays," says UA CEO Dror Yahav. "AerAware serves as the only commercially viable retrofit solution that substantially increases situational awareness during low visibility operations for thousands of 737NG, including over 100 Boeing Business Jets, reducing natural visibility requirements on approach and increasing safety."

"This marks a milestone achievement for AerSale as we announce the FAA's issuance of a supplemental type certificate for AerAware," adds CEO Nicolas Finazzo. "I am proud of our team and grateful to our partners and the FAA for their tireless effort to complete a comprehensive and robust certification process and bring AerAware to its commercialisation phase."

ClearVision is a complete enhanced flight vision system powering the B737NG AerAware solution. It brings synthetic vision (SVS) and enhanced vision (EVS) systems in an innovative and user-controlled combined vision system (CVS) for unparalleled environmental awareness at any given time, displayed along with 737-tailored symbology on pilot and copilot SkyLens HWD. SkyLens is a compact and lightweight head-wearable display offering an unlimited field of regard, allowing pilots to comfortably turn their heads side-to-side while retaining critical flight information and maintaining continuous terrain awareness. With SVS, the pilot has a 3D and 180-degree panoramic view of the outside world showing terrain, obstacles, airports and runways, greatly enhancing situational awareness during reduced visibility or nighttime operations.

AerAware's benefits include enhanced safety, reduced operating costs, increased airline efficiency and environmental advantages. The solution enhances safety and situational awareness during all phases of flight and not just during low visibility weather conditions. Moreover, the AerAware EFVS solution aligns with the FAA's Next Generation Air Transportation System project, an operational improvement initiative related to increasing airport capacity, particularly during low-visibility operations. It is a key strategic aspect of the FAA's Human Systems Integration Roadmap envisioned to achieve the transformation of the national airspace system.

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