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News from Business Air News
GE system will reduce unplanned maintenance at Flexjet
May 23, 2022
GE Digital partners with AIRINC for enhanced flight analytics
February 21, 2022
Ameriflight adopts GE Digital Aviation Asset Records
December 13, 2021
Ameriflight's uptake of GE Digital’s Aviation Asset Records will enable it to make actionable flight ops decisions based on historical data using a dashboard that tracks decision effectiveness through maintenance records.
GE Digital and Flapz aim to increase aviation safety in Latin America
October 22, 2021
Safety Insight for Business Jets helps business jet operators fly safer by identifying events and trends, as well as fuel efficiency analysis. Operators receive all data in a simplified, modern web application.
October 14, 2021FlightSafety teams up with GE Digital to utilise data
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