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Universal lets PFM users synchronise with Feasibility-IQ
The integration of Portside's PFM with Feasibility-IQ will help customers more effectively manage flight and travel logistics end-to-end.
Universal's Feasibility-IQ app now integrates with Portside's Professional Flight Management system.
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Universal Weather and Aviation has integrated its leading mission planning and intelligence app Feasibility-IQ with Portside's Professional Flight Management (PFM) flight department operations management system. This enables PFM users to synchronise their trip details to Feasibility-IQ at the push of a button within the PFM system, allowing them to instantly review detailed mission requirements and access advanced trip support intelligence from Universal.

Feasibility-IQ equips flight departments with comprehensive, vetted information on customs procedures, ground logistics details, crew and passenger entry requirements, facilities, peak periods, location trends and more for thousands of airports worldwide. It significantly improves the efficiency of flight departments by saving hours of research time per trip leg and equipping operators with intelligence previously only available through Universal Trip Support.

This is the second major integration between Universal and PFM, as PFM users were already able to sync mission details, crew/pax manifest data and other related information from PFM directly with Universal's uvGO Mission Management Platform and Universal Trip Support for mission support.

"PFM users can now not only facilitate trip services by pushing their mission details to Universal from PFM, but can now also harness Feasibility-IQ's real-time planning intelligence for their business aviation missions," says Universal executive vice president, digital product management Guido Groeschel. "This is the latest example of how Universal and Portside are collaborating to develop innovative solutions that solve real problems and reduce the operational friction that our mutual clients have."

"Both PFM and Universal share a commitment to deliver reliable and leading-edge solutions that allow clients to consistently and accurately manage operations," adds PFM general manager Phil Barnes. "The partnership between PFM and Universal will help customers more effectively manage flight and travel logistics end-to-end so they can deliver a high-end, personalised travel experience to their passengers."

In the summer of 2023, Universal and Portside released an integration between Feasibility-IQ and Portside's BART scheduling system.

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