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Volato opens up Denver Safety Summit
Volato is committed to bolstering aviation safety standards across private aviation and has opened its previously internal Safety Summit to engage participants from across the HondaJet and light jet ecosystem.
The collaborative forum has enabled important conversations and set a strong course for the future.
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HondaJet fleet operator Volato held its annual Safety Summit on 21 June in Denver, Colorado, convening key industry stakeholders and individuals who bring wide-ranging and practical experience in accident investigations. This year the previously internal summit was opened up to participants from across the HondaJet and light jet industry, and provided an opportunity for an open dialogue with partners and stakeholders.

“In an industry where safety is paramount, collaboration between regulators and operators is key to improving our practices,” says co-founder and CEO Matt Liotta. “We opened our summit to stimulate collaborative enhancements in safety within the HondaJet and wider private aviation community.”

On the day, Volato shared its rigorous training and operating safety procedures, honed through feedback both from its team and across the industry. Additionally, leaders from Jet Token, Banyan Air Service, Honda GE Aero, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the HondaJet Owners and Pilots Association, MedAire, Gogo Business Aviation, as well as insurance brokers and underwriters NFP and Allianz, gave valuable firsthand insights.

Opening remarks by Liotta set the tone for the summit, emphasising Volato’s unwavering commitment to safety and transparency. His remarks were the perfect segue for Chief Pilot Josh ‘JP’ Walden, whose presentations on planning, risk mitigation and techniques for considerations when operating the HondaJet through all phases of flight provided momentum for the day.

NTSB senior air safety investigator/deputy chief Dr Jennifer Rodi and colleagues explained their role in the National Air Transportation System and what actions the NTSB takes should events occur. Diann Weaverling and Chris Bigger from MedAire offered insight into the services they provide to the industry, including airborne medical response and passenger safety and security.

Volato VP operations Josh Newsteder shared the substantial regulatory safety differences between private and commercial operations, and talked about how Volato exceeds commercial regulations with greater layers of safety. Director of safety Pat Moran discussed the importance of a positive and inclusive safety culture, highlighting the critical elements that Volato embodies in fostering and maintaining a successful safety management system. And VP of standards Azim Sumar directed an open-forum discussion on Volato’s stringent operational standards. The event was closed by COO Mike Prachar.

Liotta adds: “Our vision for the summit extends beyond merely suggesting actionable safety enhancements. We aim to foster an open dialogue regarding safety within the HondaJet community and across the wider aviation industry and believe the summit will trigger industry-wide safety improvements, ensuring the continued safe operation of HondaJet aircraft.

It marks a significant step in our relentless pursuit of safety and transparency in operations.”

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