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P2006T marks first step towards fleet renewal
Wayman chose the modern twin engine to improve the MEP training, updating its fleet with the most efficient and versatile aircraft of its category for multi-IFR training.
Wayman Aviation Academy vice president Eddy Wayman.
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Tecnam has delivered the first P2006T to Florida-based flight school Wayman Aviation Academy as part of its fleet modernisation programme. Wayman Aviation Academy chose this modern twin engine to improve the MEP training, updating its twin fleet with the most efficient and versatile aircraft of its category for multi-IFR training.

The P2006T was chosen after a careful evaluation to increase multi-engine aircraft reliability. Its Rotax engine will cut both fuel burn and the carbon footprint of training by two thirds. In addition, the transition from its single engine trainers to the P2006T offers Wayman students a platform that contributes to a more seamless move to earn their multi-engine ratings.

The aircraft acceptance in Sebring, Florida was assisted by authorised Tecnam dealer Flightline Group, and the subsequent official delivery to Wayman Aviation Academy and its 300 strong student body was a great milestone for all concerned.

“We are excited to train the next generation of international airline pilots in the Tecnam P2006T," says academy vice president Eddy Wayman.

Tecnam US director of sales David Copeland says: “This first P2006T is just a first step for a long-term partnership with Wayman Aviation Academy. Tecnam is not selling aircraft but offering modern, smart and green solutions to flight schools across the US and Canada. Together with Wayman we are proud to be innovating the flight training paradigm in Florida."

Flightline Group chairman Mac Langston adds: "This delivery marks a major milestone for Wayman Aviation Academy that underscores its commitment to providing its students with efficient, technically advanced aircraft. Wayman's future is bright.”

The Tecnam P2006T MkII is a twin engine, four seat aircraft with fully retractable landing gear. Its simplicity, great performance, efficiency and ergonomics are what make this aircraft ideal for multi-engine training, as well as cross-country flying. It offers unbeatable value and innovative design with a modern Garmin avionics suite, integrating all primary flight, navigation, communication and terrain data on two high-definition LCDs.

Based on recent data and industry benchmarks, flight training schools operating Tecnam's single and twin-engine fleets can save as much as 10 tons of CO2 emissions for every single student graduating with a commercial pilot licence, a 60 per cent reduction compared to legacy fleets using Avgas 100LL fuel (based on 155 flight training hours, including 30 hours on the twin).

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