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News from Business Air News
P2006T marks first step towards fleet renewal
March 24, 2023
Wayman chose the modern twin engine to improve the MEP training, updating its fleet with the most efficient and versatile aircraft of its category for multi-IFR training.
Tecnam adds US sales representatives
December 20, 2021
Three new Tecnam sales representatives will focus on sales and support representation in the US; Altisky, Volare and Flightline all provide a complete line up of Tecnam flight solutions and full technical support.
Piper certifies 1,000th Seminole and sells an M600
April 19, 2021
Sun 'n Fun has been a productive outing for Piper Aircraft. It has certified the 1,000th Seminole and has sold an M600/SLS to a Florida-based customer courtesy of Flightline, its dealer for the southeast region of the US.
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