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Health First accepts firm favourite EC135
Metro Aviation first worked with Health First back in 1995. The operator's new EC135 is single pilot IFR enabled and will replace an older VFR aircraft. The aircraft offers advanced avionics and performance.
Metro worked with Health First's previous EC135 for 23 years.

Health First, a not-for-profit healthcare system headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, has taken delivery of an EC135 from Metro Aviation in Shreveport, Louisiana. The aircraft features Metro's standard EMS interior, a Ferno litter and the Outerlink IRIS system.

“Health First's air ambulance service, First Flight, is excited to take receipt of our new EC135 P2+, which allows us to continue offering the latest technology for the crew and patients in our community,” says Rob Spivey, First Flight programme manager. “The aircraft offers advanced avionics, performance and a state-of-the-art medical interior to support the critical care transport mission of Health First into a new era.”

The new EC135 is single pilot IFR (SPIFR) equipped and will replace an older VFR aircraft.

“Metro Aviation has been our partner for decades and has once again delivered an outstanding product in the completion and continues to deliver A+ service as our operations partner,” adds Spivey.

Metro Aviation has provided aircraft operations services to First Flight since 1995. “We have provided services for Health First for the past 28 years, operating its previous EC135 for 23 of those years,” comments Metro COO Kenny Morrow. “We are excited to continue to serve Health First for the next 28.”

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